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Paris Fashion Week
Word of the Day at Paris Fashion Week: Back to Black
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by Mimi Droeshout 3-minute read March 2, 2024

But, can we say it's back if it's never really gone anywhere?

Paris Fashion Week runways were awash with full black ensembles, each infusing the noir shade with a unique brand DNA. Whether it was the intricate embellishments at Giambattista Valli, the androgynous essence at Victoria Beckham, or the voluminous silhouettes at Yohji Yamamoto, the collections proved that the timelessness of an all-black outfit never goes out of style. It was a powerful testament to the enduring power of black in fashion, a color that continues to captivate and charm season after season – and also a reassuring justification for those of us who still devote the majority of our wardrobe to the color. 

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