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Reset Your Mind and Body at the Best Wellness Centers in Dubai
by Jana Shakhashir 5-minute read January 16, 2024

Dubai is a self-care haven with a thriving wellness scene. From yoga to vegan eats and spas, it's all here. Discover the best one-stop wellness centers in our guide.

With a population of hard workers who also value health and wellbeing, it’s no surprise that Dubai is becoming a prime destination for self-care lovers everywhere. The wellness industry is booming in our golden city and won’t be slowing down anytime soon. From yoga studios to vegan restaurantsspas, and retreats, you can find any kind of service or workout in Dubai.

But what if there were places that offered all of the above? Centers that offer treatments, workshops, food, and anything else that can make a location feel like your second home? Below, Savoir Flair has curated a guide to the best wellness centers in the city to become your one-stop shop for self-care and self-love.

Flow Space 

Flow Space is a trailblazing wellness center that uniquely combines clinical expertise with holistic well-being practices. Located in the serene Dubai Hills Estate, it offers a sanctuary for those seeking to enhance their physical, mental, and emotional health. Distinguishing itself through its medical focus, Flow Space provides a comprehensive range of services. Its Sports Medicine department offers everything from performance assessments to regenerative medicine, catering to both athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

The center excels in Rehabilitation with tailored programs incorporating physiotherapy, osteopathy, and lymphatic drainage, ensuring full recovery and return to activity. Additionally, its Strength & Conditioning department offers innovative training programs, from personal training to specialized clinics, aimed at optimizing physical performance. 

Joint Space

Perfectly defined as an ecosystem of physical therapy services, movement practices, and education, Joint Space is a one-of-a-kind concept, unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Founded by Osteopath Kris Rai, Sports Physiotherapist Paul Morana, and Movement Coach Pavlina Rai, who each bring their years of experience and extensive expertise to cater to individuals in all biological landscapes, through injury, and across fitness levels and performance goals. The center functions with the philosophy that every individual has their own unique journey and goals, and as such, each person must be approached with their own unique and genuine solutions to long-term health.

Matcha Club

This might be one that needs no introduction because you’ve definitely seen its bright orange padel tennis courts on your Instagram feed, but what you might not know about Matcha Club is that it also offers great movement classes, including an unmatched amount of different kinds of yoga classes and even meditation classes. After you’ve broken a sweat on the court or in the studio, you can refuel at Nette, the cafe inside the club that offers a wide range of healthy foods that are perfectly filling after a good workout.


Launched by two UAE-born sisters, Sophiya and Sarah Faizal, Paus; is exactly what its name entails: a place for you to pause, take a step back from reality, and recharge your batteries. As a hybrid between a wellness hub, a café, and a community space, all within one cozy Umm Suqeim villa, the slogan “just a nice place :)” tells you exactly what kind of space you’re about to enter: one that is accepting. Whether your version of downtime is breaking a sweat, working on your breath, getting pampered, or having really really good coffee, the founders created a space for everyone to pause the way they like.


Recovery is the most important part of anyone's health and wellness journey, and red light therapy and cryotherapy are two of the most effective and efficient recovery treatments out there. At RESYNC, you have both options to choose from, among other treatments, that have incredible positive effects on your well-being. Red light therapy works both internally and externally, with potential benefits like increasing collagen, treating acne, reducing muscle pain, encouraging cell production, boosting metabolism, and so much more. Cryotherapy, on the other, hand uses extremely cold temperatures on the body for similar benefits such as pain relief and muscle healing, reduced inflammation, faster muscle recovery, and improving circulation. Both of the treatments are not time-consuming at all, red light therapy is a 15-minute treatment, and cryotherapy is about a three-minute treatment, so no one is too busy for recovery.


'Samadhi' is a state of bliss or liberation in yoga philosophy. Encompassing the essence of its namesake, Samadhi Wellness is more than just a wellness center—it's a sanctuary. Founded by Samar Al Salem, a seasoned architect with a fervor for yoga and design, this meticulously crafted space marries natural textures, stones, and woods with the four elements of nature, creating a holistic sanctuary that soothes the senses. Beyond the remarkable aesthetics, Samadhi's offerings are equally enticing, with its transformative hot yoga class being a particular crowd-puller. After an immersive workout, the center's café awaits with a menu that stays true to the philosophy of clean, healthy living, offering hearty, nourishing meals that are as palatable as they are beneficial.


If you love plant-based food and alternative wellness, this is the place for you. Walking into SEVA is like being transported to a secret tropical garden in the middle of the jungle where you can disconnect and forget the busy city that exists outside of it. The space offers healing practices like yoga, meditation, sound healing, and so much more. SEVA Table serves delicious vegan and organic food and is without WiFi, so you can truly disconnect from the outside world and connect with people — and with yourself — instead. Make sure to pass by the shop on the way out for some incense, organic beauty products, and of course, crystals.

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