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10 Unique, Must-Try Dining Experiences in Dubai
by Savoir Flair 3-minute read January 12, 2024

From sky-high bites to mystery menus, Dubai dishes out a whirlwind of culinary theatrics for your next viral post.

With such a saturated F&B scene in Dubai, simply going to dinner is just not good enough anymore. Instead, we want our senses tingled, our minds blown, and our Instagram accounts flooded. Thankfully, the city's residents have access to a variety of experimental dining options that offer delicious food with a side of unique experience, whether that’s the opportunity to be suspended by a crane while enjoying your meal or dining with strangers at an intimate supper club. 

Here, Savoir Flair rounds up the most unique dining experiences happening in the UAE right now.



Michelin gave Chef Solemann Haddad its Young Chef Award when it released its inaugural guide in Dubai this past summer and included his restaurant, Moonrise, as one of the 69 restaurants named in the guide. The omakase-style restaurant only seats eight guests a dinner, and hosts only two dinners a night. With only 16 places per evening, it’s no wonder spots at his table filled up almost immediately when he reopened with a new menu.

Think truffles, caviar, A4 wagyu beef, eclectic spices, and geometric food designs on artistically coordinated plates prepared before your very eyes by a team of talented (and all young) chefs who take as much pride in what they’re doing as their fearless leader. It’s an intimate experience where chef and guest converse over bread that has been made from dough that harkens back to his first batch, and it is a singular experience you can only find in Dubai. We think big things are coming for this fun concept, so we recommend to get a spot at his table while (and if) you can.

Al Satwa
Eden House
+971 50 6972946
Find your seat at the table here.


Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Located in the luxurious Atlantis The Royal, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal brings a slice of two-Michelin-starred British culinary history to Dubai. The restaurant, inspired by British recipes dating as far back as the 1300s, offers avant-garde dishes like Meat Fruit and Powdered Duck Breast, reimagining old classics into modern delicacies. Diners can indulge in a menu that showcases the evolution of British cuisine, highlighted by dishes from various historical eras, each accompanied by a story of its origins. The experience extends beyond food, with an intimate view into the kitchen's creative process and the unique offering of hand-cranked ice cream, reminiscent of past culinary techniques. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal is a journey through time, offering a delicious and intriguing exploration of British gastronomy.

Atlantis The Royal
+971 4 426 2444
Find your seat at the table here.



Krasota redefines dining with a futuristic twist, serving as a gastro-theater where culinary artistry meets artistic innovation under Chef Vladmir Mukhin’s vision. Designed for an intimate audience of 20, the space immerses diners in 3D multimedia projections, merging visual storytelling with technology and artificial intelligence to present a futuristic taste experience. Each dish, from space-themed to cyberpunk-inspired, is part of an eight-chapter menu that features unique ingredients and inventive cuisine, like sea urchin and white caviar. With every bite, guests embark on a journey through uncharted culinary territories, reflecting the possible flavors of tomorrow. 

Address Downtown Hotel
+971 04 433 1258
Find your seat at the table here.



At Zenon, the adventure combines Mediterranean and Asian flavors with the dynamic, adaptive world of AI entertainment. The menu, featuring dishes like Pure Breed Wagyu Striploin and innovative pasta, is complemented by an ambiance where music and visuals are tuned to the dining experience through artificial intelligence. As day turns to night, the restaurant evolves from a place of gastronomy to a lively dance floor, with AI-generated art installations changing in real-time. This harmonious blend of fine cuisine and cutting-edge technology creates a unique, unforgettable dining journey, positioning Zenon at the forefront of immersive dining experiences. 

Address Dubai Mall Hotel
+971 4 837 7222
Find your seat at the table here.


Sonara Camp

Sure, dining in the desert might sound touristy, but Sonara Camp elevates it into an art form, offering a distinctive sit-down experience far from any typical dune-bashing affair. Here, you're treated to five-star service, exquisite food, and entertainment that's a notch above — think skilled jugglers, elegant belly dancers, and mesmerizing fire shows. Your evening begins with a serene sunset, lounging on Bedouin-style recliners with aperitifs in hand, followed by a sumptuous three-course meal amidst the calm of the dunes. While you indulge, kids get their own slice of heaven in a separate tent complete with films and snacks. Wrap it all up with the option to camp overnight in luxurious tents, making Sonara Camp an enchantingly unique desert dining adventure for all ages.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve
+971 50 336 7909
Find your seat at the table here.


Seven Paintings

Have you ever wondered what Mona Lisa and Leonardo da Vinci would talk about if they could converse? What if you could overhear such a conversation? What if you could dine with the most celebrated artists? Or better yet, paint your own version of their iconic paintings and, errr… eat them? Well, you can do all that more at Seven Paintings – a unique 3-D immersive dining experience where you can literally eat art. Now, we don’t want to give away any spoilers, so let’s just say Seven Paintings is a one-of-a-kind dining experience narrated by Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa, and conceptualized by Chef Omar Satwari, where the masterpieces of Michelangelo, Banksy, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dalí, and Vincent van Gogh are presented on the table with captivating visuals and artistic culinary delights.

Shangri-La Dubai
+971 4 343 8888
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Kuv’s Secret Supper Club

Whether you were aware of it or not, Dubai has become a hotbed of supper clubs ranging from Italian brothers to gourmet Asian cuisine. The beauty of a supper club is more than just a delicious, home-cooked meal with an air of mystery surrounding it. The real experience is in the people you meet at the table that you might never have met, much less held a conversation with prior to that fated dinner. Take the OG Dubai supper club – Kuv’s Secret Supper Club – where the house rules are refraining from saying where you are from and what you do until the fifth course, resulting in meaningful conversations that go far deeper than two strangers have shared before.


Haus of Vo

Or take Haus of Vo, where a small intimate dinner of six overlooking the lights of the Museum of the Future (and accompanied by a very cute dog) led to a meeting of friends that still keep in touch, learning the art of preparing dumplings for one another, and a new obsession with Varak peanut brittle. Each supper club host – like Kuv and Madam Vo – prepares a full menu that changes constantly with dishes that flow seamlessly from beginning to end, most of the time with a story attached to each course that tells a little bit about the chef’s past. It’s certainly unique, always rewarding, and no two dinners are ever the same.

article @HAUSOFVO

The Pods

Located on Bluewaters Island, these intimately private pods take fine dining to a whole new level of exclusive. Picture stunning views of the Dubai Skyline and Ain Dubai while dining on a gourmet Pan-Asian feast all within a secluded pod filled with only the people (and noise) you want with you for your meal. Originating in London, this unique dining concept combines the best of everything when you're looking for a special experience with friends, family, and loved ones: intimate, fun, beautiful, delicious, and a moment that will remain a fond memory for years to come.

Bluewaters Island
+971 4 453 8994
Find your seat at the table here.

article THE PODS

Dinner in the Sky

Dinner with a side of safety harness? Sign us up. This fearless dining concept, which originated in Belgium, has guests enjoying their meal while being suspended 50 meters above ground. Selected by Forbes as one of the top 10 most unique dining experiences in the world, Dinner in the Sky is kind of hard to beat if you’re looking for a truly one-of-a-kind experience. It takes fine dining to brand-new heights. (Sorry. We couldn’t resist.)

Al Sufouh
Sky Dive Dubai
+971 58 819 3296
Find your seat at the table here.

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