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This Is the Dreamiest Hideaway for an Alpine Fairytale
by Lydia Medeiros 7-minute read March 3, 2023

You'll never want to leave.

The thing about the Ultima Collection is that no matter the difference in the scenery, the activities, the architecture, the food, or the weather, the one constant of every single property is when you walk through those doors, you feel as if you’ve finally come home. The staff is not just staff, they are old friends. The chalet is not a vacation rental, it is a holiday home. The experience is not just about relaxing, it is about rediscovering your joie de vivre

The Ultima experience at Crans-Montana is a heavenly respite where you feel renewed with each new breath of the fresh Alpine air, each glance towards the serene mountains in the distance, and each moment of belly laughs with friends by the fire. It’s deep sleep, invigorating hikes, toasty swims, and snowy showers. It’s watching a family of deer frolicking in the trees beyond the lake while enjoying fondue at the table snuggled under a warm blanket. It’s luxurious pleasures wrapped up in simple moments, and it is, at the end of the day, so terribly hard to say goodbye.

First Impressions

When you finally arrive at the secluded sanctuary that is Ultima Crans-Montana, it’s like taking a trip through the “wardrobe” and ending up in Narnia. The soft snow crunches under your boots (don’t forget to pack boots) as you look up at the double chalet tucked into the dreamy landscape. The grand entrance boasts a breathtaking Baccarat chandelier that climbs to the third floor and greets you along with the team of (incredible) hosts who welcome you with a friendly smile, a glass of bubbly, and a taste of Switzerland.

Never has an unknown address felt so instantly like my own home.

From the crackling fire that warms the cozy sitting room to the windows all around that usher in the light as it bounces off the snow just outside, never has an unknown address felt so instantly like my own home. That is, if my home was a mansion in the mountains designed and decorated with luxury details, earthy tones, furs, woodwork, marble, and vintage pieces juxtaposed against modern art and every one of my needs were met before I even knew to ask for it. 


The Chalet

Chalet One has eight master bedrooms – and Chalet Two has six – each complete with its own dressing room, en-suite bathroom, and balcony with views overlooking the evergreens, the private lake, and the snowy mountains beyond. It’s the perfect destination for multi-generational family groups. Not only is there an inordinate amount of space that would make it impossible to feel overcrowded, but everybody gets a room fit for the head of the family. Even the littlest guests are catered to in the two children’s sleepover suites that will have you longing to go back in time for a chance to stay in the pink and blue suites with your cousins. 

My master bedroom suite was spacious and warm, with padded closets in the dressing room, soft carpets, snuggly fur blankets, a marble bathroom with heated floor tiles (plus a Japanese toilet), and a feeling of total and utter seclusion – almost as if I was hidden away in my own private and cozy cabin in the woods. 

But the pièce de résistance of my particular room (besides having my own Nespresso machine which was handy for a morning coffee on the balcony) was the view. No words can adequately describe what it’s like to wake up and draw back the curtains to see the sun gently rising as it makes the land, trees, and mountains off in the distance sparkle like you’ve made it to Heaven. The serenity, quiet, and calm that I started my day with each morning as I sipped my black coffee and watched the world wake up is a memory and a feeling of contentment that I hope I can carry with me forever. It was peaceful moments like this that defined my entire stay.

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Never has an unknown address felt so instantly like my OWN HOME.

What to Do

There is no shortage of activities at Ultima Crans-Montana to keep you engaged during your stay. There is a private cinema room perfect for catching the latest blockbuster or the sports game of your choice, with a bar and lounge that can be set up just outside. You also have access to a gaming room, a library, a full fitness center, an office, and a heated, outdoor pool perfect for a swim any time of year. In fact, there probably isn’t anything so exciting as slipping into the warm water as the steam and snow flurry up around you. 

On top of this, Ultima Crans-Montana is home to the most unimaginable, luxury spa experience that I have visited in a long while. It is 1,000 square meters of wellness, rejuvenation, relaxation, and self-care — complete with spa treatment rooms, a sauna, a hammam, a gym, tile relaxation beds, sofa relaxation, and even a snow shower. Professional spa therapists are on hand to help customize a wellness plan for you, whether that means detoxification, immune-boosting, or even aesthetic treatments.

Start your day with a power yoga session to stimulate your muscles and nervous system overlooking the pristine pool as heat rises and swirls, then finish it with a relaxing spa treatment that promotes one of the best nights of sleep you’ll ever have.


What to Eat

As always, Ultima goes above and beyond when it comes to your meals, which are specially prepared for you by your own private chef. We savored every bite at each meal, and would never have believed we would love the taste of leeks (and perhaps we never will again, unless we return to Ultima Crans-Montana). The freshest ingredients, the meals meticulously curated to suit the weather, the day of activity, and the whim of the guests, and always with a spread of cheese that would make France green with envy.

Our favorite meal would definitely be the dreamy lunch we spent outdoors by the pool and an open fire dining on a tower of oysters on the half shell before dipping potatoes and bread into a melting pot of cheese for some good, old-fashioned Swiss fondue. To say it was divine would be an understatement. From the gently falling snow, the sound of water, the frolicking deer who offered a bit of entertainment, the company, the laughs, and the delicious, delicious food, we can honestly say it was one of the most memorable meals of the year.


Location, Location, Location

Take advantage of the great outdoors while you stay in the heart of the Swiss Alps. There is a plethora of invigorating hikes you can go on during the summer and the winter months, with varying degrees of difficulty and lengths. If you go on a guided hike (which we recommend), you are sure to discover some interesting locales and secrets hidden on the trails, and if we learned anything on our hike, a Swiss chocolate bar as a reward once you reach the top will not go amiss.

But what would a holiday in the alps be without at least one visit to the ski slopes? Ride the cable car through the pine forest as you glide up through the trees. The world becomes whiter, crisper, cleaner, and the view is a fairytale all the way up. Ultima Crans-Montana offers a ski school for those so inclined, and if you take our advice, you’d make sure to stop at the chalet on top of the mountain for a bit of Swiss hospitality in the Omega VIP Lounge.


One Final Note

The signature of the Ultima Collection is an ultra-luxury, five-star service and amenities within the exclusivity of a private residence. However, it is the people that are part of the Ultima Collection that keep its guests returning again and again whether to this property or to explore one of their other locations. 

The scenery may change, and the style and architecture along with it, but when you stay at an Ultima property – whether it’s in Switzerland in the winter or Greece for the summer – people like Christoph in Crans-Montana and Eva (whom we had the pleasure of seeing in Switzerland and at Ultima Corfu), are the heart and soul of the brand and the reason Ultima continues to feel like home.

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