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Tiffany & Co. Unveils Bird on a Pearl High Jewelry Collection
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by Savoir Flair 5-minute read March 6, 2024

Relive the highlights of this extraordinary event with our exclusive video coverage.

breaker_image TIFFANY & CO.
breaker_image TIFFANY & CO.
breaker_image TIFFANY & CO.

Tiffany & Co. in collaboration with Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE), unveiled the 2024 Bird on a Pearl collection in Dubai, marking a new chapter in the legacy of Jean Schlumberger’s admiration for nature. This latest version of the iconic design, first introduced in 1965, features natural saltwater pearls from the Gulf region, renowned for their size, shape, and luster. These pearls beautifully accentuate Schlumberger’s nature-inspired motifs, such as ivy leaves, acorns, wings, and oak leaves.

The collection’s inspiration draws from the four seasons, with pearls’ hues evoking warmth, powder pinks, golden yellows, and whites. This theme is intricately expressed through a gradient color palette within the pearls, highlighting their nuanced and subtle variations. The collection includes standout pieces like a brooch with an acorn motif and a necklace embellished with over 325 carats of natural saltwater pearls, complemented by delicate bird motifs.


The unveiling event, held at SKOONI Art Foundation & Residence, was a showcase of high jewelry. Notable guests, including Tiffany & Co. Global House Ambassador Nancy Ajram, Egyptian actress Passant Shawky, luxury consultant Sharis Shir, TV host Diala Makki, and others, were welcomed with an exhibition walkthrough, followed by a sunset cocktail and live entertainment. The celebration continued with a model show and gala dinner for VIP clients at Dar Al Masyaf, culminating in an intimate performance by Ajram and a live DJ set against the backdrop of the Burj Al Arab in Tiffany Blue.

Throughout the evening, Nancy Ajram shone brightly in Jean Schlumberger by Tiffany & Co. Bird on a Pearl earrings and rings, embodying the event’s spirit that celebrated the union of art, nature, and luxury craftsmanship. 

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