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Why Do We Even Care Who Taylor Swift is Dating?
by Lydia Medeiros 4-minute read September 25, 2023

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Why Do We Care Who Taylor Swift is Dating?

Okay, hear me out: why must we obsess over the love lives of the rich and famous? So Taylor Swift went to a football game, and maybe she is dating Travis Kelce. Who cares? Couldn't we instead obsess over the fact that this woman is single-handedly taking on the music industry by re-recording her own albums and reclaiming her own songs? Or how there is a word – 'Taylornomics' as reported by the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times – to describe the economic boom she brings to a city when she visits? Love her or hate her, at least let the woman have a love life in peace. We'll all hear about it on her next album anyway. 

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It's USA vs. UK in the Jonas/Turner Household

Joe Jonas filed for divorce from his wife of four years and mother of his two daughters, Sophie Turner. Since then, this celebrity uncoupling has gone from "amicable" to feigned niceties, and now it's an all-out war between the Brits and the Americans. Turner's latest accusation was to sue Jonas for abducting their kids and refusing to relinquish their passports and return them to the UK. Jonas' people clapped back that it was agreed they would remain in the US while their father was on tour, and oh, by the way, why should they go back home to the UK when the poor young things have lived in the US their whole life? It's an ugly battle, and while it's a new kind of Game of Thrones, we aren't particularly happy to see these two little girls caught in the middle of this Caucasian Chalk Circle.

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So, Unions Do Work After All

After 146 days, it looks like the big, bad producers have finally lost enough money to strike a good deal with the writers. Despite big talk show hosts like Bill Maher (did we say big? We meant midsize) and Drew Barrymore announcing last week they would cross picket lines to resume filming during the strike, they were forced to walk back on their decisions when they were called out by their own writers, fans, industry colleagues, and well, everyone. Which is good because we would hate to have to refer to Barrymore as a 'scab' from now on. Either way, things are looking up for those of us desperate to binge another season of The Bear. That is if the AMPTP gets their heads out of their passes long enough to meet the demands of the actors. Guess they can't make movies without the creatives, after all.

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To Bob or Not to Bob

They're calling it the "F.A. Bob" (or the "F.A. Robert," depending on how fancy you are). Thanks to Hailey Bieber, Jenna Ortega, Kim Kardashian, and every other girlie chopping off her hair above the neck, people are flocking to their hairdressers to resurrect my Great Hair Depression of Fifth Grade. Sure, it looks great on her with her ten-person stylist team, but lest we forget (and we did), we have curly hair, which means our F.A. Bob looks more like Lord Farquad than Zendaya circa December 2022. Bob at your own risk, I say. You've been warned.


Behind Every Good Sam Levinson Idea is a Woman

A past interview with director/photographer Petra Collins resurfaced in which Collins reveals Sam Levinson contacted her to direct his new show Euphoria inspired by her work. After five months of world-building and casting, HBO let her go, only to wake up a year later with her work staring at her from the billboard across the street with someone else's name on it. It just goes to show that all good things in life are stolen from a woman's mind.

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Over 95% of NFTs Are Now Worth Less than 1 Mexican Peso

Well, there's a surprise no one saw coming. In other news, water is wet.

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Baz Luhrmann to Head Jury at Red Sea Film Festival

Okay. Be still my Luhrmann-loving heart. The Red Sea Film Festival has tapped the King of Cinema himself to head the jury for its third edition. If we didn't know for certain that Mohammed Al Turki, CEO of the RSFF, meant it when he said he wanted Saudi Arabia's premiere film festival to be bigger than Cannes, we sure do know it now. (Alexa, how do I apply to be on the jury at Red Sea Film Festival? Asking for a friend.)

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