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Stella McCartney Broadcasts a Strongly-Worded Message from Mother Earth
by Grace Gordon 4-minute read March 5, 2024


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Stella McCartney was not mincing words at her Fall/Winter 2024 show. The message was loud and clear. “It’s about f***ing time.” This message was transmitted throughout the venue prior to the show in a spoken word ode from Mother Earth voiced by award-winning actors Olivia Colman and Helen Mirren. Justifiably, Mother Earth is pissed. Last year, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres sounded the alarm when he emphasized that global warming had become “global boiling,” as in we are past the point of no return. McCartney remains one of the only high-level designers who continuously confronts the crisis in her collections and one of the only ones who continually innovates new sustainable materials. We hope it doesn’t sound too cynical to say that it’s not enough, but at least it’s a start.

With Mother Earth’s admonitions still ringing in our ears, the Stella McCartney Fall/Winter 2024 kicked off with a high-octane collection of dramatic knitwear, crystal-soaked jeans, sharp outerwear, and delicately embellished looks that paid self-referential homage to McCartney’s Chloe Spring/Summer 2000 show. Tooling around in her very famous parent’s closets had McCartney questing for the perfect tailored suit. This meant shoulders that held their shape instead of sloping downwards and oversized fits that still flattered. It took her three years to figure out the sleeve, a detail that demonstrates the tremendous care she takes with all aspects of her designs; such details are never an afterthought and are often the baseline for the entire look. With all the serious suiting about, McCartney sought to balance it with disco sparkle, lip prints, studded grommets, fringe, and other enchanting – dare we say fun – details. 

It was one of the strongest collections we’ve seen from the pioneering designer in many seasons, but left us feeling a little sad. Why aren’t there more like her trying to create low-impact, environmentally-conscious, sustainably-sourced collections? Especially when they look this good? And why isn’t there less repetitive noise, thousands of yards of fabric for fabric’s sake, million-dollar show spectacles, and hectic cycles to encourage people to spend endlessly and mindlessly? We have constructed the entire world on the toxic wasteland of capitalism, and no amount of sloganizing will reverse the harm this choice has caused. This fated hand we have been dealt, set in motion by generations before us, has set us up for failure. The least we could do is follow a vanguard like McCartney in trying to make as minimal an impact with our consumption as possible. The least.

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Stella McCartney was not mincing words at her Fall/Winter 2024 show. The message was LOUD and CLEAR. “It’s about f***ing time.”

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