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London Fashion Week
A Poetic Conclusion to Simone Rocha's Fashion Trilogy
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by Mimi Droeshout 3-minute read February 16, 2024

The final chapter. 

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Simone Rocha's Fall 2024 collection, unveiled at London Fashion Week and aptly titled 'The Wake,' serves as the compelling conclusion to her thematic trilogy.

This series began with 'The Dress Rehearsal' and continued with 'The Wedding', her celebrated haute couture guest collection for Jean Paul Gaultier. 'The Wake' intricately threads together themes of mourning and celebration, showcasing Rocha's distinct blend of gothic romance and meticulous attention to detail — a hallmark of her couture work. The collection breathes new life into traditional motifs, featuring reimagined classic blooms and nods to JPG, such as roses encased in tulle. A highlight of the collection is its innovative makeup, with floral bouquets adorning the models' eyebrows, symbolizing Rocha's unique ability to fuse narrative depth with cutting-edge beauty.

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