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Press Play with Tala Mortada
by Jana Shakhashir 2-minute read March 5, 2023

Discover Tala Mortada's curated playlist featuring a mix of experimental beats, soulful melodies, and seductive tracks. 

You might know Tala Mortada as the legendary DJ that ran Beirut’s dance-music scene before taking over Dubai’s in the last year. Blending house beats and disco flavors, Tala’s addictive tracks and cool-girl energy keep us moving and grooving — from Grand Factory to Monkey Bar all night long. We know her signature sound from our unforgettable times on her dance floors over the years, but what is she herself listening to when she isn’t electrifying crowds across the city?

Introducing Press Play, a brand-new series where we tap regional DJs and musicians to curate Spotify playlists exclusively for Savoir Flair readers. For this month's edition, we’re stepping inside Tala's personal music library, bringing you her picks of some of her favorite tunes. From Little Simz's experimental, captivating flow to Greentea Peng's soulful, seductive tracks, Tala Mortada’s curated playlist is guaranteed to amp up your downtime.

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