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Ounass and Nojoud Al Rumaihi Bring Dreams to Life in Fall 2023 Campaign
by Savoir Flair 3-minute read September 28, 2023

Ounass collaborates with Nojoud Al Rumaihi to bring dreams to life in its Fall 2023 campaign.

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Fall ushers in a fresh wave of creativity, a period of transformation and the ushering of dreams into tangible forms. This season, Ounass, the epitome of luxury fashion in the Middle East, brings to you its Fall/Winter 2023 campaign with the evocative theme of “Dreaming of Reality.” This statement is not merely an ode to fashion but a testament to the power of belief, self-expression, and the magic of turning aspirations into actualities.

In collaboration with this campaign, Ounass engaged in a conversation with Nojoud Al Rumaihi, a luxury marketing consultant and an inspiration for modern Saudi women. Reflecting on the campaign’s theme, Al Rumaihi encapsulates its essence, stating, “Dreaming of reality signifies the power of imagination and belief that dreams can be translated into achievable goals.” 

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breaker_image OUNASS
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She vividly expresses her journey, from being bedazzled by the craftsmanship of luxury brands to curating looks for Ounass. Her selections include the timeless creations of Bouguessa and iconic Prada, asserting the vision of fashion that Ounass embodies — elegance, innovation, and individualism.

But the narrative extends beyond mere fashion. Ounass’ campaign champions the art of storytelling, authenticity, and connecting diverse cultures. As Al Rumaihi rightly asserts about her role in bridging cultures, “To be able to share part of our culture with the global community is something I am extremely passionate about and proud of.” This season isn’t just about clothing but narratives, dreams, and the reality we choose to curate. Embrace it, live it, and most importantly, dream it into reality.

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