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Maximilian Davis Hits His Stride for Ferragamo Spring/Summer 2024
by Grace Gordon 3-minute read September 25, 2023

Minimalism is officially the biggest trend of Spring/Summer 2024.

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Maximilian Davis burst onto the scene three seasons ago with sinuous shapes, vivid sunset hues, and fabulous accessories for the storied Italian luxury house Ferragamo, and quickly established himself as one of the most exciting young designers in the industry. For Spring/Summer 2024, his fiery start has cooled to a strong, confident burn, one that is capable of sustaining the brand and its new direction. “I wanted things to feel a lot lighter, both in terms of fabric and construction but also in terms of how people want to dress,” Davis explained in the show notes. Shapes moved between being lean and loose, with easeful flow ensured by soft leathers, fluid viscose jersey, breezy satins, and lightweight linens and cotton. 

A signal of Davis’s move toward an even more effortless minimalism was signaled by the switch out of Ferragamo red for a lovely moss green shade that appeared on slimly tailored leather separates, long-line cape-sleeved leather dresses, and oversized molded leather bags. Cape shapes, loose-flowing dresses with blocky geometric designs, and leather-trimmed outerwear all felt elegant but polished. One area where I think Davis could have spent a little more time was on the footwear. Ferragamo, after all, is a footwear brand – first and foremost. Leather goods were super strong, but the footwear selection needed a little more variety beyond the cuff-ankled sandals, some shiny ‘Gancini’ loafers, and beaded heels. 

Finally, minimalist or not, there were still incredible details to be found if you look closely enough. My favorite “Easter egg” detail is a tiny flourish of a Ferragamo signature found on a few looks, as well as the same font used for a tiny embroidered ‘F’. A much cooler way to do a logo than to announce it from every single surface 100 times over. 

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I wanted things to feel a lot lighter, both in terms of FABRIC and CONSTRUCTION, but also in terms of how people want to dress.

Maximilian Davis
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