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Louis Vuitton Hosts Exclusive Savoir Rêver Exhibition in Dubai
by Lydia Medeiros 3-minute read February 24, 2023

This rare and exclusive exhibition featured eight different rooms filled with Louis Vuitton's most iconic creations.

Louis Vuitton has landed in the City of the Future to ignite the dreams of its loyal clientele and faithful friends of the brand. In a rare and exclusive exhibition entitled ‘Savoir Rêver’ (which roughly translated means ‘Crafting Dreams’), Louis Vuitton invited its guests to an extravagantly beautiful, two-story suite at the newly opened Atlantis the Royal on the Palm to embark on a journey through a labyrinth of eight different rooms as they discover the Maison’s most iconic objets d’art

As its inspiration suggests, fanciful encounters and imaginative reinterpretations of iconic pieces of the brand populate the massive suite with pockets of discovery. Guests are welcomed by the indomitable Pyramid of Alzer – a signature of the brand created by Nicholas Ghesqiuere for Fall/Winter 2021 as a stacking series of the iconic Alzer trunks that were first conceived in 1892. However, this time they reinterpreted the Pyramid upside down as if in a fairytale with mirrors to suggest it is floating. 

Timeless pieces of imagination, elegance, and beauty enchant each visitor as they wander through a fantastical wonderland of adjoining rooms. One room hosts Frederic Morch, the EMEA Expert Ambassador for Hardsided, Special Orders, and Objets Nomades to inspire unique creations with a spontaneous sketch born from the ideas of a client, fueling their passion and allowing for their dreams to come to life. Another room sparkles with the unveiling of the dazzling High Jewelry collection, Spirit Chapter III, and yet another offers Middle Eastern guests the first opportunity to immerse themselves into the brave new world of Louis Vuitton’s Metaverse experience. 

Terraces are appointed with covetable Louis Vuitton cocoon chairs, shelves are occupied by classic bags, mannequins stand at attention adorned in the latest pieces, and there is even a bespoke ping-pong table. The excellence and inimitability of Louis Vuitton’s craftsmanship underscore the travelers’ dreams as they discover each new mesmerizing detail, evoking a thrilling sense of exclusivity and aspiration.

With each portal and turn of a corner, another treasure is uncovered allowing guests to experience firsthand the Maison’s illustrious heritage, unique designs, and painstaking savoir-faire. It’s truly an amazing experience, the kind of journey that leaves you speechless after your visit, knowing full well that moments like these are only in Dubai. 

The exhibition will run from the 17th to the 26th of February.

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