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Louis Vuitton Launches the Dubai City Guide
by Savoir Flair 3-minute read March 2, 2023

Louis Vuitton has added Dubai as the first Middle Eastern city featured in its City Guide series.


Travel and discovery have always been embedded in Louis Vuitton’s brand DNA, deliberately shaped by its founder who sought inspiration in both far-flung exotic destinations and local hidden gems like railways and quaint villages. The brand first unveiled its 'City Guide Series' in 1998 to put a spotlight on popular European destinations; and since its release, it has published print and digital guides for over 30 cities.

This year, Louis Vuitton has added Dubai as the first Middle Eastern city to be featured in the series, in order to enrich its growing catalog. The Dubai City Guide shares insight into our dynamic, multi-cultural city where the different backgrounds, cultures, and ambitions of its residents and visitors from all over the world are celebrated.

Life in Dubai is a kaleidoscopic blend of cultivated tradition and futuristic modernity, providing its people and visitors with a unique opportunity to experience the whole world in one place. With record-breaking architectural wonders, global commercial centers, and more than 200 nationalities represented, Dubai offers outstanding experiences and an enviable lifestyle.

To mark the launch of the Dubai City Guide, Louis Vuitton is hosting a pop-up kiosk in DIFC Gate Village. Taking inspiration from the iconic Parisian newspaper kiosk – with a modern twist – the structure is painted with the Pantone colors used on the Dubai City Guide. Guests are invited to explore the entire 'City Guide' series, discover other travel-themed volumes, and browse a selection of books on the maison’s heritage.

The new Dubai City Guide is now available online or in bookstores worldwide, with a version available on the City Guides App (iOS).

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