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Digital Meets Analog at Hublot in an Exceptionally Cool Way

by Savoir Flair 2-minute read September 21, 2023

Hublot's 'Art of Fusion' seamlessly weaves digital with analog in a timeless display of art and precision.

As the world of luxury evolves, so too do the expressions of the brands that shape its landscape. One such brand, Hublot, has consistently astounded horological aficionados with its commitment to “Art of Fusion”, an intrepid endeavor of blending traditional with the contemporary, analog with digital, and the vintage with the avant-garde. In celebration of this audacious spirit, Savoir Flair delves deep into the heart of this art form, unveiling a shoot that is, in itself, a fusion. As any connoisseur would tell you, true fusion doesn’t merely combine — it metamorphoses, producing something that stands tall and distinct, composing its own narrative. Hublot’s journey in luxury watchmaking, characterized by its seamless blend of high-tech ceramic with the historic appeal of rubber, stands testament to this ideology. Every piece echoes a story of merging worlds, of synergies that are bold and groundbreaking.


Hublot Big Bang Unico King Gold White Pavé 42mm


Hublot Big Bang One Click Sapphire Diamonds 39mm

For this special feature, the editorial shoot has taken inspiration straight from Hublot’s playbook. This shoot is an ambitious dance between the digital and the analog. Starting in a traditional editorial studio setting, it captured the essence of each watch with elegant, deliberate poses that place them not just as a mere accessory, but as a veritable protagonist in every frame. But the magic truly begins post the shutter’s click. Transcending the conventional, these digital captures were transformed into tangible, analog renditions. Printed and then intricately collaged, each image was reimagined, adding layers of depth and perspective. And as the cycle of fusion would have it, these tangible works of art were then digitized again, cementing the seamless interplay between the two mediums.

Hublot Classic Fusion Gold Crystal Ceramic 42mm


Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Steel White Pavé 32mm


Hublot Big Bang One Click Rainbow King Gold 39mm


The outcome is nothing short of electric. Dynamic, alive, and pulsating with an energy that resonates with Hublot’s spirit. The visuals are interspersed with candid moments, showcasing both the solemnity of the timepieces and the vivacity of the world they inhabit. The styling is a reflection of the watches themselves — clean, sleek, characterized by strong silhouettes that don’t shy away from making a statement. As this unique visual journey is unveiled, viewers are invited to not only appreciate the beauty of the timepieces but to also immerse themselves in the art of fusion. It’s not just about the coming together of elements, but the stories, the transitions, and the evolution that they undergo. 

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