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A New Chapter of Wearable Artistry Emerges at Harris Reed
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by Mimi Droeshout 3-minute read February 16, 2024

Ten looks of wearable art.

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breaker_image @HARRIS_REED
breaker_image @HARRIS_REED
article @HARRIS_REED

In a striking departure from his signature flair for the flamboyant, Harris Reed presented his Fall 2024 collection, embarking on a journey towards more accessible, yet undeniably artistic, fashion. This season, Reed turns the pages back to his early creative endeavors, drawing inspiration from his childhood pastime of crafting imaginative ensembles from fashion magazines. The result? A pared-down showcase of theatrics, replaced by an emphasis on refined craftsmanship, evident across a curated series of ten looks that gracefully paraded through the Tate Britain, transforming the space into a runway of living art.

Embracing a theme of sustainability, Reed's collaboration with the esteemed wallpaper company Formental introduces a novel approach to fashion design. This partnership breathes life into unique paper elements, seamlessly integrating them into the fabric of the collection. The innovative use of recycled materials is most notably seen in the crafting of intricate bustiers and whimsical hats, offering a nod to Reed's commitment to environmental consciousness without sacrificing an ounce of style.

This season's collection stands as a testament to Reed's evolving aesthetic, moving towards designs that not only captivate the eye but are also wearable beyond the confines of high-fashion runways. It's a conscious pivot that does not overlook the essence of what makes a Harris Reed creation special: the blend of artistry, sustainability, and a touch of the unexpected. By incorporating materials that tell a story of rebirth and transformation, Reed sends a powerful message on the importance of sustainable practices within the luxury fashion sector, catering to a discerning clientele that values both aesthetics and environmental responsibility.

Harris Reed's Fall 2024 collection is a masterclass in balance — between art and wearability, extravagance and eco-consciousness, past influences and future aspirations. Through this collection, Reed not only showcases his adeptness in design but also solidifies his stance as a forward-thinking designer, ready to lead the charge in a new era of fashion that honors creativity, craftsmanship, and the planet.

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