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Fendi's Fall/Winter 2024 Vision: Sophisticated Layers of History, Craft, and Color
by Grace Gordon 4-minute read February 22, 2024

Explore the collection's focus on craftsmanship, texture, and the storied Selleria motif, reimagined in accessories and standout pieces that celebrate Fendi's approach to modern luxury as it nears its centennial.

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A certain British insouciance married to a Roman sense of sartorial liberation were counterweighted by rustic elegance and a penchant for outdoor pursuits at Fendi Fall/Winter 2024. It’s a motif extended to the women’s collection for Silvia Venturini Fendi’s Fall 2024 menswear show in January and developed further by Creative Director Kim Jones’ exploration of the house’s 1984 archives. The narrative this season pivots more towards a blend of city sophistication and countryside charm, diverging from the purely aristocratic vibe of its predecessors. The collection's initial social media tease with thigh-high boots – equally at home on rural walks as in urban boardrooms – encapsulates the dual essence of this season's offerings. 

Contrary to what one might expect from Fendi, an emphasis on crafting “perfect” seasonal essentials emerged – think midi coats, knitted dresses, and leather shifts, challenging the minimalist trend with a masterclass in wardrobe construction. This season, Jones infused the collection with a self-sufficient flair, pulling from Fendi's rich heritage of color experimentation. The palette was brought to life through inventive details and new ways of color-blocking, like a mustard knitted band adding a pop to a black mini dress or a slinky rose pink turtleneck paired with a tobacco leather skirt and tan leather knee-high boots, showcasing the collection's playful approach to personalization. 

The collection's allure lies not just in its aesthetic but in its meticulous attention to cut and texture, qualities that shine through even the most layered looks. Fendi's dedication to craftsmanship and detail was unmistakable from the outset, with standout pieces including a wool coat with a beautifully curved collar or the “tailored flou” of an impeccable skirt suit. The outdoor-ready items, from two-tone denim to crackled leather jackets, all complemented by sleek snoods, promise to ward off the winter chill in style. 

Accessories, always a thrill at Fendi, did not disappoint. As it approaches its momentous centennial in 2025, the storied maison revisits its foundational elements, weaving its rich history into the fabric of its latest collection. The Selleria, a motif rooted in the house's early days and inspired by the craftsmanship of Roman master saddlers, serves as a bridge connecting bygone eras with the present. This season, the Selleria motif is reimagined in striking manifestations, from the collection's standout leather riding boots to the whimsical Chupa Chups lollipop holder, a nod to Salvador Dalí's iconic logo design, now enveloped in Fendi’s signature FF motif. Delfina Delettrez Fendi, at the helm of jewelry design, infuses the collection with her artistic vision, intertwining metal thread hardware with leather in bold bangles and reinterpreting the Selleria's essence in oversized leather and metal chains, further celebrating the legacy and craftsmanship that define Fendi’s enduring allure.

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The NARRATIVE this season pivots more towards a blend of city sophistication and countryside charm, diverging from the purely aristocratic vibe of its PREDECESSORS.

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