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The 8 (Highly) Emotional Stages of Fasting
by Savoir Flair 2-minute read March 6, 2024

If you feel like fasting is an emotional rollercoaster, you're not alone.

Ramadan is here, which means you might be anxious about fasting. Fasting is hard. So whether you are a first-timer or an expert, you are not immune to the rollercoaster of feelings that comes with fasting. But have no fear. We’ve broken down the eight emotional stages of fasting so that this year, when you encounter the green-eyed monster of envy watching your non-Muslim friends or colleagues strolling up with a coffee in hand, maybe you'll remember this and laugh.



Once you’ve decided to fast and settled on how long for, you feel on top of the world. This should be a piece of cake, right?



This is when you start doing the math. Wait, you’re planning on fasting for how long?



Sigh. Right now you should be tucking into breakfast. At this point, you’re not actually that hungry – you just probably shouldn’t follow so many foodie accounts on Instagram, because now it’s all you can think about.



This is a good opportunity to check in with your body and see whether the fast is serving you. If so, carry on, but there’s absolutely no shame in giving it up for now – particularly if you start feeling woozy or get headaches. Many of us are fasting during Ramadan to connect with the divine – not make us feel worse.



If you’ve decided to continue on with the fast, you now feel focused and newly determined at the task at hand. After all, it’s mind over matter – you can do this.



We’re sorry to say that even if you’re feeling good, the hunger pangs will eventually come. Regular fasters will have these well and truly under control, but for the rest of us, our rumbling stomachs seem to have a mind of their own.



As tough as fasting might be – particularly if you’re a newbie – you do reach some kind of equilibrium. Instead of having food constantly on your brain, you forget about it entirely and can go about your day as normal.



Even if you’ve reached the positive and peaceful stage of fasting, you’re still overcome with relief when it’s over. Now, all you have to do is decide what to eat first…

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