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Paris Fashion Week
Coperni's New Bag is 99 Percent Air and One Percent Glass
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by Mimi Droeshout 5-minute read March 5, 2024

Coperni does it again.

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On one of the last days of Paris Fashion Week, Coperni once again left us in awe, unveiling its latest masterpiece in the eleventh hour. Imagine a bag that’s practically air, crafted from a mind-boggling concoction of 99 percent air and one percent glass — yes, you read that correctly. Thanks to the magic of NASA's Silica Aerogel, the lightest solid known to humanity, Coperni has pushed the boundaries of innovation to new heights, quite literally crafting a marvel out of almost nothing. 

This bag, tipping the scales at a featherlight 33 grams, showcases the delicate power of NASA’s nanomaterial, previously spotlighted in the Stardust mission, known for bringing comet samples back to Earth. Capable of withstanding scorching temperatures up to 1,200 degrees Celsius and pressure 4,000 times its weight, this bag is a monumental achievement in utilizing space-age technology.


And who better to present this ethereal accessory than Leon Dame, striding down the runway? Coperni's latest creation, which is also the largest object ever made out of this futuristic material, has left all of us eagerly awaiting more details about its release, or if it was a one-off piece.

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