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Immediately Wishlisted: Chloé's Fall/Winter 2024 Accessories
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by Mimi Droeshout 2-minute read March 1, 2024

Immediately added to every girl's wishlist...

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Chemena Kamali's debut as Chloé's Creative Director wasn't just impressive; it was a revelation, breathing fresh, vibrant life into the brand that felt both exciting and deeply familiar. The collection itself was a marvel, but it was the accessories that truly caught our eye, effortlessly making their way onto our next-season wishlist. 

Those oversized bags? They're the perfect blend of ease, laid-back luxury, and practicality, ideal for anyone who's constantly on the move yet refuses to compromise on style. Then there was the Chloé belt, a bold declaration of brand identity that somehow managed to whisper luxury rather than shout it. Not to be dismissed are the collection's snake belts and exquisite jewelry, which added just the right touch of sophistication. But, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, it was the bags, with their casual elegance and striking gold hardware, that really encapsulated the spirit of the collection.


Kamali’s connection to Chloé is deeply personal, rooted in a desire to recapture the spirit of freedom and natural beauty she encountered at the brand two decades ago. This collection, inspired by the sensual, effortlessly powerful femininity of the late 1970s, brings forward the essence of the Chloé woman – her radiance, her energy, her contradiction. It’s a tribute to the brand’s roots while also reflecting the contemporary woman's desire for fashion that embodies intuition, freedom, and a distinct female energy. This is not just clothing and accessories; it's Kamali’s vision of the Chloé woman – confident, radiant, and unapologetically herself, wrapped in the luxury of ease and the beauty of movement.

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