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'Elegance is Resilience' at Bottega Veneta Fall/Winter 2024
by Grace Gordon 4-minute read February 25, 2024

“We all watch the same news. It’s hard to be celebratory at this point. Still, the idea of rebirth is beautiful, too. These are the flowers that bloom after the earth is burnt – they give a sense of hope. They come back stronger than ever. Here, elegance is resilience.” - Matthieu Blazy

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A scorched earth. The cacti that bloom in the wake of devastation. This was the setting for the Bottega Veneta Winter ‘24 show (with the cacti sculptures formed from stunning Murano glass). It is an especially poignant meesage given the devastation we are facing right here in our region, but also a reminder that hope and resilience can never be stomped out. With this in mind, Matthieu Blazy took an introspective turn. There were no illusion materials this time (Is it Leather? has become a favorite guessing game of High Fashion Twitter). For the most part, fabrics were presented in their natural state. 

But that didn’t stop Blazy and Bottega Veneta’s wickedly talented workshops from exploring the outer limits of creativity when it comes to fabrication. There were sumptuous suede skirts in soft butter yellow, roughed-up textures of fil coupe fabric turned into dresses, and exploded leather shredded down into fringe and then reconstituted into elaborate coats to feast your eyes upon. In the words of fashion writer Hunter Shires in reference to this delicious collection, “I love having eyes.”

In witnessing the looks, which at first glance seems to be a pared-back departure from previous collections, the art of noticing takes on the joy of revelry when you spy something special. A rounded wool coat worn with trousers trimmed in a shock of fringe at the bottom, oxblood intrecciato gloves, dresses featuring folded panels that were held in place by jeweled fastenings, passport stamped prints, dresses made from vertical strips of fabric with rippling edges, and asymmetrical one-shoulder tops made from layered shingles of fabric were your reward for paying close attention. 

One look codified the collection. A black shirt and skirt combination revealed itself as a men’s work shirt tucked into the most exquisite long skirts trimmed in a blast of leather fragments. It was unbelievably elegant but also so relaxed, as if dressing this beautifully was an afterthought. The subtle message seems to be that textures can be works of art unto themselves, that the days of trying too hard to be noticed are long gone (but don’t worry, for the maximalists among us, the pendulum always swings back the other way, eventually). 

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In witnessing the LOOKS, which at first glance seems to be a pared-back departure from previous collections, the ART OF NOTICING takes on the joy of revelry when you spy something SPECIAL. 

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