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The Best Meditation Retreats Around the World
by Savoir Flair 9-minute read January 30, 2024

Swap your hectic life for a peaceful om at the world’s most transformative meditation retreats.

In today's fast-paced world, where the hustle often take over our need for peace and quiet, meditation retreats have emerged as havens of tranquility. These retreats blend mindfulness sessions, spiritual discussions, and a simplified lifestyle to cleanse your soul and reconnect with your inner self.

Recognizing the growing interest in wellness-focused activities, Savoir Flair has curated a list of the world's most renowned meditation retreats. Whether you're keen on perfecting your breathing techniques in Thailand, deepening your yoga practice in the Himalayas, or participating in a devotional program in Italy, each destination provides a unique path to discover your inner Zen. 

In a world filled with noise, these retreats offer a precious opportunity to disconnect, unwind, and attain a harmonious state of peace and balance.



Located within the serene Sal forests and overlooking the sacred town of Rishikesh, the Ananda retreat in the Himalayan foothills of Northern India is a luxurious sanctuary for wellness. This retreat uniquely blends the age-old Indian traditions of Ayurveda and Hatha yoga with a modern approach to wellness, offering over 80 different body and beauty treatments tailored to various lifestyles. Central to Ananda’s philosophy is the practice of meditation, a journey towards self-awareness and higher consciousness. The Dhyana Programme at Ananda skillfully guides guests through stages of meditation: Pratyahara (detachment of senses), Dharana (concentration), and Dhyana (sustained meditation). The retreat’s comprehensive wellness programmes include pre-arrival consultations, personalized dietary plans, ongoing progress checks, and post-stay follow-ups. For those enrolled in comprehensive programs, specialized consultations in physiotherapy and emotional wellbeing are available. Guests can enjoy Ananda's wholesome meals, partake in scheduled activities like yoga, meditation, and fitness classes, and utilize the hydrotherapy facilities daily. An additional recommendation for guests is to join an adventurous safari in the nearby Rajaji National Park, a haven for diverse wildlife including elephants, tigers, and over 400 bird species, offering a perfect blend of tranquility and adventure.

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The Buddhist Retreat Centre

Set amidst the scenic hills of KwaZulu-Natal, near Ixopo, South Africa, lies the Buddhist Retreat Centre, a tranquil haven for those seeking to immerse themselves in Buddhist meditation and culture. This retreat, renowned for its commitment to biodiversity and designated as a Natural Heritage Site, offers a stunning backdrop of indigenous valleys and forests, perfect for introspective exploration. The Centre’s sprawling 300-acre property is dotted with historical and natural landmarks, including ancient cycads and Voortrekker wagon tracks, and is a bird watcher's paradise, home to over 160 species. Catering to diverse needs, the Centre provides two types of retreats: Conducted Retreats, which are structured with a focus on meditation, and Self Retreats, offering flexibility for personal reflection and relaxation. Adding to the contemplative atmosphere are the Centre’s thoughtfully designed facilities, such as a meditation hall, library, art studio, and comfortable accommodations, all enhancing the experience of peace and tranquility.


Holy Isle

Holy Isle, located off the west coast of Scotland, carries a rich spiritual legacy that dates back to the 6th century. This serene island is home to the Centre for World Peace and Health, established by Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche, a renowned Tibetan Buddhist meditation master. The center, operational between April and October, offers a variety of retreats focusing on mindfulness and meditation practices. Visitors to Holy Isle are expected to adhere to the “Five Golden Rules” and contribute to the island’s overarching mission of promoting world peace and health. A unique aspect of the Holy Isle experience is the opportunity to visit a nearby holy well, known for its crystal-clear waters believed to possess healing qualities. This well, a historic site of pilgrimage, can be easily accessed on foot from the retreat, adding a dimension of spiritual and historical significance to the stay. This combination of ancient tradition and contemporary mindfulness practices makes the Holy Isle retreat a distinctive and enriching experience for those seeking spiritual growth and peace.

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Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa, located on the idyllic Koh Samui Island in Thailand, is a retreat that deeply understands the multifaceted nature of true wellness. At its heart lies a philosophy that values flexibility, fluidity, and a connection with one’s inner self, essential for achieving internal harmony. Recognizing the unique needs of each visitor, Kamalaya offers a nurturing space to define and refine personal wellness goals. Addressing modern challenges like health concerns, stress, and isolation, the sanctuary has crafted a holistic wellness program attuned to the needs of today. Central to this program is the practice of meditation, guided by experienced mentors and tailored to individual healing objectives. This meditative focus aims to calm the mind, cultivate tranquility, and restore balance, making it ideal for those dealing with stress-related anxieties, post-viral fatigue, or those seeking to bolster their immunity and resilience. Alongside meditation, the program integrates functional testing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutritional advice, and bioresonance therapy, creating a comprehensive approach to wellness that nurtures both the body and the spirit.

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Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

The Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, located in the picturesque Yokun Ridge of Stockbridge, Massachusetts, is a renowned non-profit educational organization and a leading retreat center for yoga, health, and holistic practices in North America. Kripalu’s programs are diverse, focusing on health and wellness, Ayurveda, personal growth, meditation, creativity, and spiritual practices, all aimed at fostering optimal living and personal empowerment. Set on a serene 100-acre landscape, the Center offers a range of options for those passionate about yoga and meditation. Participants can choose from various courses or presenter-led programs, including those on Spiritual Practice and Meditation. The Center provides day passes for those wishing to immerse themselves from dawn till dusk, as well as simple, comfortable accommodations that reflect the ethos of retreat-style living. One of the unique offerings is the “R&R Retreat,” which allows guests to tailor their own experience. This customized stay includes a flexible schedule of introspective workshops, yoga classes suited to individual skill levels, outdoor activities, and tranquil walks at dusk, making Kripalu an ideal destination for a holistic, personalized retreat experience.


OSHO International Meditation Resort

The OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India, stands as an oasis of tranquility, offering a unique blend of meditation and personal growth opportunities. Drawing inspiration from the concept of Zorba the Buddha, this sprawling resort combines spiritual depth with earthly joys, providing an array of courses and therapeutic practices. Visitors are encouraged to explore the Basho Spa and the beautifully transformed Osho Teerth Park, a once barren land now flourishing as a 12-acre garden. A highlight of the retreat is the OSHO Dynamic Meditation, a distinctive five-stage spiritual journey held in the world's largest meditation hall, the OSHO Auditorium. This meditation, best experienced at dawn, incorporates deep breathing, dynamic movements, and periods of silence, aiming to break free from past constraints and awaken to a state of peace and awareness. The resort, emphasizing individual experiences within a communal setting, recommends loose, comfortable clothing for this practice, which is enhanced by specially designed music to support each stage of the meditation.


Simple Peace

Simple Peace, located in the spiritually rich town of Assisi, Italy, offers a unique retreat experience centered on heart-centered meditations and the exploration of sacred sites. Emphasizing divine love, peace, and humility, the retreat offers one-on-one spiritual counseling and meditation guidance, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and inner silence. The essence of the retreat is captured in reflective moments, encouraging participants to embrace the beauty of nature, the quiet of their own hearts, and the simple joy of being present. Set against the backdrop of olive groves, the accommodations include comfortable bedrooms with private bathrooms, gardens, and terraces. Guests are also invited to partake in gentle walks to Assisi’s sacred sites, enriching their spiritual journey. Open to participants from all religious backgrounds, Simple Peace provides an inclusive, serene environment for those seeking to connect with their inner sanctuary and practice "beingness," away from the distractions of everyday life.


Spirit Rock Meditation Center

At the Spirit Rock Meditation Center, set in the tranquil hills of West Marin County, California, you can delve into the teachings of Buddha and the practice of insight meditation, which emphasizes mindful awareness. This secluded center serves as a sanctuary for those seeking to embrace the present moment and deepen their understanding of self. Spirit Rock offers a diverse range of meditation programs, from casual drop-in classes and day-long events to intensive silent residential retreats that can span from three days to two months. A unique and highly valued aspect of these retreats is the opportunity for personal interactions with experienced teachers. These teachers are available for both individual and group meetings, providing a space for attendees to discuss their experiences, seek advice, and gain deeper insights into their meditation practices. This personalized guidance is a cornerstone of the Spirit Rock experience, allowing for a more profound and tailored journey into mindfulness and meditation.


Wat Suan Mokkh In­ter­na­tion­al Dharma Hermitage

At the Wat Suan Mokkh International Dharma Hermitage in Thailand, founded by Ajahn Buddhadasa, guests immerse in silent 10-day meditation retreats focused on mindfulness with breathing, concentration, according to the Vipassana method. Unique in its approach, the retreat offers no spas or luxury wellness facilities, instead embracing a rustic and minimalist environment ideal for serious meditation practice. A strict digital detox policy is rigorously implemented, requiring guests to deposit all electronic devices, ensuring a distraction-free experience. Living conditions are basic, with shared facilities and vegetarian meals, aligning with the Hermitage’s philosophy of “Live plainly, aim high.” This setting is perfect for those dedicated to exploring their meditation practice in an environment devoid of modern comforts and digital interference.

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