ICYMI: The UAE Is Going to Experience Its Hottest Summer on Record

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We get it. We can barely keep up with the onslaught of information ourselves. That being said, it’s our mission to keep readers in the know, which is why we’ve combed through it all, distilled it to its essence, and dispensed it into easily digestible tidbits. Want to be the most knowledgeable culture savant in your group of friends? Then check back every Sunday for what you’ve missed in the world of culture, celebrities, and fashion.


UAE-Based Lebanese Amputee Athlete Sets World Record

Lebanese athlete, Darine Barbar, made history this weekend in Dubai by earning the Guinness Book of World Records title for the longest Samson chair static/wall sit by a female athlete, clocking in at two minutes and 8.24 seconds. Barbar is an amputee athlete, having lost her leg above the knee due to her battle with bone cancer when she was 15. The record marks the launch of the Guinness Book of World Records Impairment Records Initiative, creating a new class of categories for record breakers with mental, physical, and visual impairments.

“I lost my left leg in June 1993 at the age of 15 due to bone cancer, and today, in the same month after 28 years, I am back to win the battle. My story has inspired many throughout the years, and today I make history hoping to inspire millions around the world,” said Barbar.

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Photo: Courtesy of Guinness Book of World Records

Kate Winslet Champions Women Everywhere by Refusing to Airbrush Her Image

Kate Winslet has long been vocal about not wanting her image, body, or face to be retouched or Photoshopped for its alleged “imperfections” that Hollywood deems unacceptable, and her latest series, Mare of Easttown, is no exception. After the director of the hit HBO series said he would remove a “bulgy bit of belly” seen in a more intimate scene, Winslet reportedly replied with, “Don’t you dare.” The 45-year-old actress also refused to approve the airbrushed poster until they put back all of the lines and wrinkles by the side of her eyes, since she is adamant that her character – “a fully functioning, flawed woman with a body and a face that moves in a way that is synonymous with her age, her life, and where she comes from” – is relatable and authentic.

Winslet, also a model for Lancôme, has reportedly put a clause in her contract with the beauty brand that bans any retouching to her face for ads. “Faces that change, that move, are beautiful faces, but we’ve stopped learning how to love those faces because we keep covering them up with filters now because of social media and anyone can Photoshop themselves, and airbrush themselves, and so they do,” she told The New York Times. Here here, Winslet!

naomi osaka quits french open
Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

The UAE Expected to Have the Hottest Days of Summer, Starting Tomorrow

If you’ve been waking up with what looks like rain outside your windows, or fog on the horizon, you might have been fooled into thinking it was a cool morning. However, once you step outside, the truth inevitably hits you in the face that the condensation on the windows is from the heat and the fog isn’t fog — it is, in fact, thick humidity. As temperatures continue to rise in the Middle East, the UAE has announced that starting tomorrow, we will be experiencing a period known as ‘Waghrat Al Qait’, which is characterized by intense heat, hot and dry winds, and severe droughts. Please stay hydrated and indoors as much as possible. Also, refrigerators work a treat in a pinch.

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LPM Is Opening in Riyadh

If you, like us, are fans of the perfect French, Mediterranean, and Niçoise Dubai-dining institution, LPM Restaurant & Bar, then you are in luck, because after the successful pop-up event during the Diriyah Season of 2019, LPM is now opening in Riyadh. Residents of the Kingdom will now be able to experience the French Riviera (without taking a flight) once it officially opens its doors on July 1st, 2021 behind the Al Faisaliah Hotel in Riyadh’s financial district.

“The 2019 pop-up was the first time LPM was introduced in the Saudi market and the response from the diners surpassed our expectations. The warm welcome we received from Riyadh’s locals and residents solidified our ongoing plans to open a full restaurant within what is, without a doubt, one of the fastest-growing cities in the world,” comments Raphael Duntoye, Chef Patron of LPM Restaurant & Bar. “We are honored to be one of the pioneering brands to be part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision for 2030 as we strongly believe that Saudi Arabia has a bright future in every aspect.”

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Photo: Courtesy of LPM Restaurant & Bar

Chiara Ferragni and Nespresso Collaborate for Some Stylish Coffee

Italian entrepreneur, Chiara Ferragni, has teamed up with Nespresso to bring a little style to your morning cup of coffee. The collaboration involves a makeover of some of Nespresso’s most popular machines in Ferragni’s signature use of bold colors and vibrant designs. Ferragni’s long-time support for female empowerment, disruptive ideas, and her famous attention to detail, along with her natural playfulness and family-forward values, make her the ideal ambassador to partner with such an iconic brand as Nespresso. The collaboration will have summer-inspired recipes, limited-edition collections, and exclusive events.

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Photo: Courtesy of Nespresso

Adut Akech Is the Newest Face of Estée Lauder

Adut Akech is the newest global ambassador of major beauty brand Estée Lauder. The South-Sudanese/Australian model took to her Instagram to share her excitement and pride on an accomplishment she holds very near to her heart. “Growing up in the Western world, I didn’t really see a representation of myself in the fashion and beauty world, on television, or magazines until I got into the fashion industry. To now be the representation in the fashion-beauty space I didn’t have growing up means everything to me. My little sisters will now also see their faces in my beauty ads and campaign billboards. Little black girls in South Sudan, Africa, and all around the world will now see themselves in me through the work I will do in this space.”

Akech continues on to say that Black faces are worthy of being the face of iconic beauty brands, but she is still proud to be part of the move to break down barriers in the industry.


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Faissal El-Malak Shows at Emma Scully Gallery

Arab designer Faissal El-Malak will be showing his exclusive piece, Touqous – an incense burner – at the Emma Scully Gallery in Cast Iron, Emma Scully‘s first New York City show. Scully curated this project entirely during lockdown when she commissioned only eight designers, including El-Malak, to produce a piece of art made entirely from cast iron. She spent the past year visiting the artists and helping them produce their piece for the exhibit with the aide of a four-generation-old foundry in Virginia.

“This structure creates the context for a cleansing ritual inspired by the making and use of traditional olive oil soap in Palestine in addition to other cleansing and spiritual practices,” El-Malak said of his latest creation. “With soap, the material is melted once again in order to cleanse the body. This association between dematerializing and cleansing is replaced in this petrified version by a more ethereal interpretation. The structure acts as an incense burner where smoke permeates the space between the cubes. Incense smoke has been used for thousands of years as a vector to connect with the divine. The cubes are covered in a relief of talismans meant to heighten different senses and emotions related to a human body. The talismans are activated by the smoke and release their power to fill the surrounding spaces and people with their medicinal effects.”

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Photo: Courtesy of Simon Leung

Farfetch Honors World Environment Day

In honor of World Environment Day and World Oceans Day, Farfetch, the global destination for all things luxury, will be highlighting its unparalleled sustainable collections, pieces, pre-owned styles, and circular services throughout the month of June. The platform was originally designed to sell smaller collections from boutique stores in order to reduce waste by better matching supply and demand, and even as the business has grown, it has remained true to this mission. Farfetch will continue to champion sustainable fashion with its newly-launched editorial, Positively FARFETCH, by showing readers in a fun, engaging, and playful way that sustainable fashion is not only possible, but can lead to a dynamic and unique fashion-forward wardrobe that is powerful, expressive, and full of options.

naomi osaka quits french open
Photo: Courtesy of Farfetch
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