The Weekend Guide: An Unforgettable Ramadan for the Kids

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dubai weekend guide
Photo: Courtesy of @albertdrosphotography

Dubai is like Disneyland for adults (and kids too), but it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to filter through everything to find just what to do this weekend in Dubai. Let’s be honest, after you’ve worked all week long, the last thing you want to do is waste your precious R&R time sifting through offers and websites. Sometimes, you miss the best events because it takes too long to find them.

Savoir Flair is here to help start your weekend off on the right note, by giving you our favorite picks for what you should be doing this weekend in Dubai. So whether it’s a much-needed day at the beach, a well-deserved spa treatment, or a day of adventure, you have never felt more on holiday than you will in Dubai this weekend.



You are fasting, but your kids aren’t. Do you need them to burn some energy? Skyzone, located inside IBN Battuta Mall, is your answer. It is one of the UAE’s largest indoor activity parks. We’re talking 33,000 square feet of trampolines, zip lines, warrior courses, warped walls, foam pits, and even more. Not to mention it’s the perfect location to get kids aged 3 to 16 away from their screens and moving around while you sit down and have a rest, naturally. Or perhaps you want to join in on the fun and bounce to your heart’s delight. It’s up to you. In addition to the activities, your children can also sign up for a variety of interactive and engaging classes that teach your child a new skill like drama or table tennis. So they learn, you bounce. Win-win.

Kids Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of Skyzone

Jungle Bay Waterpark

The recently opened Jungle Bay Waterpark at Le Méridien Mina Seyahi is deceiving in size. You think it’s only a few slides, but in actuality it’s like a never-ending well of fun that just keeps going and going. The best part is that it is bliss for every age. The older kids love the taller body slides and single rafts that whizz you round and round, before spitting you out near the little treehouse of water spouts and dumping buckets. The little kids love that they can slide with Mama and Papa down a series of seemingly never-ending slides which end in little pools that connect to the next downturn. The wave pool is also a mega hit, with life jackets so even the non-swimmers can enjoy a bit of turbulence in the water. Of course, it extends all the way to the beach, so it’s not a bad view for any parents who feel like watching is more fun than sliding, or being soaked with buckets of water.

Kids Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of @katlebrasse

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Honestly, there isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t get mesmerized by seeing the wonders below the shore up close and personal at an aquarium. The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, though, is more than just a chance to have a peek at the fathoms below. Not only is it an enormous aquarium where the exotic fish, sharks, and rays – and sometimes even a mermaid – swim before, above, and all around you, but it also has a little aquatic zoo attached complete with swinging bridges, an enormous ‘King Croc’, lovable sea otters, the cutest little penguins, and so many more animals to enchant your children. Since this is Dubai, you can also meet these adorable creatures – King Croc would not be of the ‘adorable’ variety – with up-close-and-personal encounters on land, in the snow, and of course, underwater. Personally, we want to meet the mermaid.

Kids Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of @just_ania_

X Park Jr.

If  your child loves a) animals, b) jungle gyms and slides, c) water, and d) getting really dirty but having the time of their life, then X Park Jr. (tucked away behind Kite Beach) is the way to go. Animals like chickens – lots of chickens and even baby chicks – ducks, turtles, ponies, and goats roam around this incredible outdoorsy oasis of greenery. With multi-level climbing structures, a plethora of slides to choose from, treehouses, and little streams and fountains to play in, your kids will go wild having the time of their lives. They can meet the ponies and goats, watch the ducks chase each other, or splash around in the water to cool off. And there’s a little cafe with chairs and tables so moms can sit and relax while the animals take over the child-minding for a turn. Pro Tip: Bring them in bathing suits and have a change of clothes ready for afterwards.

Kids Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of @kidsindubai

Green Planet

We love Green Planet. Not only is it an educational experience for your little ones — getting them in contact with animals and teaching them about the beautiful world we live in — but it is also air conditioned. There are so many amazing exhibits it is hard to single out only one, but we have definitely found that we can easily spend an entire day there and never grow bored. From watching the animals being fed to seeing jewel-colored beetles that defy imagination to traipsing through the tree walks following the most colorful birds, it’s a day we could repeat over and over and it would never get old. Everybody leaves with a smile on their face, even the adults. Also… kids under 12 go free this Ramadan. Bring on the lemurs.

Kids Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of @thegreenplanetdubai
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