How to Surprise Your Long-Distance Mom on Mother’s Day

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She gave you the confidence and the encouragement to be exactly who you are, and raised you to be a strong, independent, kind, and compassionate woman. She demonstrated a work ethic beyond compare, and yet still had time for you whenever you needed it. She showered you with unconditional love, and made sure a day did not go by that you didn’t know how much she adored you. She taught you that the world was your oyster, and instilled in you the bravery and confidence to go out and explore it all.

So you did, and now she lives on the opposite side of the world.

If your mother is far away, but you still want to show her how much you love, admire, and appreciate her, then read on for five ways to shower your long-distance mom with love this mother’s day.

(And yes, Mom, don’t worry. Yours is in the mail.)

mother's day ideas
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Write Her A Story is a genius way to tell Mom you love her, and to preserve a little piece of your history that can be passed down from generation to generation. The concept is simple. You fill out a form with details of a story you want told and remembered. Perhaps it’s a memory you have with your mother, or a story that she told you about her own childhood. It can be true. It can be fiction. You’re the author. You submit the story online, give an age range for the book, and your story, her story, and your history comes back in a book she can cherish forever.


Set up a Zoom Date

So you live in a different time zone? No problem. Find that perfect time of day when it’s evening for her and morning for you, and make a date. Have your dad prepare her drink of choice, and leave it for her next to the computer. Clear your schedule, go into a quiet room, turn OFF your phone notifications, make yourself a cup of coffee, and spend the time you always say you want to just talk with your mom face to face… ish. Zoom is ideal because you can schedule it ahead of time and it sends reminders so even she won’t be late.


Send a Care Package

Do you remember how she used to send you boxes when you were in college filled with all of your favorite things – like your favorite peanut butter – and then things she just knew you needed – like new socks? Now it’s your turn.

Fill up the box with goodies from where you are in the world – unique things she will appreciate that she can’t get back home. It doesn’t have to be expensive. All those touristy magnets, or coffee mugs that say “I Love Mom” in the language of your residence are big winners for Mothers. Framed photos of your kids’ drawings, along with framed pictures of them – and you! – are also very much appreciated by Mamas who miss their babies. Then write her a letter – yes, an actual hand-written letter – and send it to her. Maybe it will take a while to get there, but remember the joy of getting a package from mom at school? Yeah, that’s how she will feel times 100.

mother's day ideas
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Watch a Movie Together

It sounds silly, but it’s really fun. Rent a movie, and have her rent the same one from her computer. Make yourself a bowl of popcorn, Zoom date her, and press play. You guys can watch the movie together. Mute the phone while you’re watching the movie, but make sure you have time to talk about it afterwards. Go for an Oscar-nominated film and have an art-critic conversation, or go for a chick-flick and talk about the funniest – or unfunniest, depending on the film – moments. A shared experience, even when it’s on the other side of the world, always makes you feel just a little bit closer.

mother's day ideas
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Start a Book Club

If you got your bookworm nerdiness from your mother, it’s the easiest thing to surprise her with the idea of doing a book club together. Go on Amazon and order her a book you’ve been dying to read to be delivered on Mother’s Day. When she gets the book, chances are she’ll call you to thank you, or more likely Whatsapp you so as not to wake you in the middle of the night. That’s when you let her know she has to read it with you. Make a reading plan with her, whatever works for your schedules, where you set a date and time to have finished the book, and follow it with a proper ‘Book Club’ virtual meeting. Next month, she can send you a book. Before you know it, you and Mom have developed a new “thing” you can do together, no matter how far apart you are.

Long Distance Mother's Day
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