Savoir Flair Celebrates Three Incredible Female (iPhone) Photographers

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"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." – Dorothea Lange

Noura Al Neyadi Fatima Alhashmi
Photo: Courtesy of @nooora91

In an era fuelled with smartphones and social media, we are constantly, clicking, scrolling, or tapping through photographs. But have you ever stopped and admired how magical photographs truly are? Photographs allow us to freeze smiles, moments of laughter, tears of joy, the moment a world record is broken – they hold the distinct power to make time stand still.

Nobody understands the power of photographs better than Apple, which is always striving to innovate and equip its devices with the most advanced camera features. Apple’s exceptional camera quality has, in fact, given birth to a whole new category of photography – iPhone photography. 

Today, to celebrate International Women’s Day, Savoir Flair highlights the work of three incredible women photographers who are shattering the glass ceiling and capturing the most beautiful stories with the innovative iPhone 12 camera.

Noura Al Neyadi

Emirati photographer Noura Al Neyadi realized her passion for photography from an early age. Growing up, Neyadi used her father’s film camera to capture stunning shots of nature. Neyadi now seeks inspiration for her photography from the UAE’s modern architectural wonders and the rich local culture. To celebrate International Women’s Day, Neyadi worked with an iPhone 12 to capture remarkable shots of Fatima Alhashmi – the first Emirati opera singer – playing her cello.

Speaking about her latest work, Neyadi says, “For this series, my goal was to capture inspiring women in their element. I used the Ultra-Wide camera mode on my iPhone 12 for this photo, which adds a majestic feel to the shot by incorporating all the details of the scene. The added scope allows the viewer to develop an intimate attachment with Fatima, while still being able to associate a sense of belonging to the backdrop of the scene.”

Noura Al Neyadi Fatima Alhashmi iPhone photography
Photo: Courtesy of @nooora91

Anna Aiko

Raised between Japan and France, Anna Aiko is a traveller and dedicated iPhone photographer with a deep understanding of both Eastern and Western cultures. Aiko is now on a journey to explore and photograph the rich Middle Eastern culture, particularly the history of the Bedouin women. 

“In this futuristic city of Dubai, there is a deep hidden history of the Bedouin Women. They travel according to the flow of the seasons in the vast desert, shifting between the earth and the sky. Handicraft knowledge is transmitted from mothers to daughters, like the technique of ‘Ghazel’, using sheep wool in creating Bait Al Sha’ar houses, blankets, etc. — preserving the Emirati heritage.,” explains Aiko about the subject of her photographs. 

Anna Aiko iPhone photography
Photo: Courtesy of @anna.aiko

Vanessa Wong

Photographer Vanessa Wong sees the world through a black and white (iPhone) lens as she travels deep into the night to capture monochromatic shots of Hong Kong.

“My work departs from typical femininity, which often uses colors for communicating warmth, mood, and emotion. Instead, I move beyond gender to become a creature of the night — in a culture where nocturnal solitude is not a norm. I buck the norm by relying on minimal light to tell a story, allowing elements of the image to be swallowed up in blackness,” Wong explains.

About capturing the perfect shot on an iPhone, Wong says, Night mode on the iPhone has been a powerful tool in enabling me to explore my style in darker environments. I love playing with shadows and light, which is of course the heart of black-and-white photography.”

Vanessa Wong iPhone photography
Photo: Courtesy of @vanlml
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