The Weekend Guide: The Best Dog-Friendly Places in Dubai

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Dubai Pet Friendly
Photo: Courtesy of @serenathecockerspaniel

Dubai is like Disneyland for adults (and kids too), but it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to filter through everything our gorgeous city has to offer on the weekends. Let’s be honest, after you’ve worked all week long, the last thing you want to do is waste your precious R&R time sifting through offers and websites. Sometimes, you miss the best events because it takes too long to find them.

Savoir Flair is here to help start your weekend off on the right note, by giving you our favorite picks for what you should be doing this weekend in Dubai. So whether it’s a much-needed day at the beach, a well-deserved spa treatment, or a day of adventure, you have never felt more on holiday than you will in Dubai this weekend. Except this special edition only includes places that are welcoming to man’s best friend.


Brunch & Cake By the Sea

No more puppy eyes when you leave the house in the morning. Spend some quality time with your furry, four-legged companions this weekend at Brunch & Cake By the Sea at The Pointe in Palm Jumeirah. The restaurant hailing from Barcelona that promises “Grandma’s Goodness” has opened up its beautiful, fountain-facing terrace to man’s best friend. Lovable pups of every breed will now be able to enjoy the view and a few kibbles with their doting owners, making this weekend basically their favorite weekend ever.

Dubai Pet Friendly
Photo: Courtesy of Brunch & Cake

LDC Kitchen + Coffee


Fancy a doggy date with your friends? Then you and Snowball need to head over to the new LDC Kitchen + Coffee in One JLT. With an outdoor terrace surrounded by pots of greenery and twinkling lights, what better place to take your favorite pooch for some ‘Fun Guy’ pizza, ‘Hot Mess’ burger, ‘Dutch Dutch’, ‘Baby Pancakes’, or just a plain old cuppa while Snowball has her H20 in a special doggie bowl. A family-friendly venue through and through, even kids have their own dedicated menu. So you know, you can bring all your little critters along.


Dubai pet friendly
Photo: Courtesy of LDC Kitchen + Coffee

Il Passaggio

Breakfast with Bae sounds good — Bae being your absolute favorite little doggy in the world. We need to make the most out of al fresco season while it lasts, and Il Passaggio has the best of both worlds: a gorgeous puppy-friendly outdoor terrace overlooking Palm Bay, and a signature menu to die for. Indulge in the famous french toast with strawberry jam, vanilla cream, and a side of beef bacon, or, if you don’t leave your house until noon on the weekends, bring your pet in to help you sample some of the ‘Truffle Tear and Share’ or the infamous pizza: black summer truffle, bresaola, grilled artichoke, rocca, tomato sauce with mozzarella, and a sprinkle of parmesan cheesse. Mamma mia.

Dubai Pet Friendly
Photo: Courtesy of Il Passaggio

Aprons & Hammers Beach House

The recently opened Aprons & Hammers Beach House not only allows pets on its non-smoking terrace, but also on the non-smoking section of the beach. Watch your dog go wild with their paws in the sand as they run around living their best doggy life as you get the chance to enjoy some of the best seafood platters around. After you have finished your meal, take your pet on a walk down the beach until making your way to one of the sun loungers where you can curl up with a good book, your best furry friend, and the sea for a wonderful and relaxing afternoon.

dubai pet friendly
Photo: Courtesy of


Samakje prides itself on being a true family-friendly restaurant, and when they say family-friendly, they mean the whole family. Your pets are welcome with open arms on the outdoor terrace so that you and your entire family can enjoy the mezze platters of this modern, Levantine-inspired Mediterranean restaurant while watching the stunning fountain show of the Guinness Book of World Record’s largest fountain. Traditional Lebanese gets a contemporary makeover in such menu items as ‘Burrata Beiruti’ and ‘Lobster Kibbeh’ for a fish restaurant the whole family will enjoy.

dubai pet friendly
Photo: Courtesy of @gucciodog
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