Alphabet Dating in Dubai: Bringing Sexy Back from A to Z

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Alphabet Dating
Photo: Courtesy of @yana_leventseva

Every marriage counselor and well-meaning Auntie will tell you the same thing: “Never stop dating your spouse.” And sure, it sounds easy enough when you first say “I do.” However, time marches on, jobs get busy, maybe kids come along, and before you know it, you’ve fallen into a familiar – read: boring – pattern of meetings, spreadsheets, changing diapers, and crashing in front of Netflix. Perhaps somewhere in the back of your mind you can hear old Auntie saying “Familiarity breeds contempt.”

We get it. Netflix and chilling is delicious after an exhausting day. But you know what else is delicious? Your spouse. Rekindling that romance and spontaneity that you had in the beginning is delicious. Dating is delicious.

We found a little trick that has been buzzing around the internet to keep things interesting, fun, romantic, and different. It’s called ‘Alphabet Dating.’ The idea is simple. Rather than always doing the same thing or going to the same restaurant on date night, let each date start with the next letter of the alphabet. The brilliance is that it forces you and your spouse to try new things, places, and adventures that you may not have thought of before.

Savoir Flair has rounded up Dubai’s most romantic, daring, fun, adventurous, and perfectly unique dates from A to Z to keep that spark alive. We’re betting you’ll have a wildfire by ‘F.’

A is for Aquaventure

Alpahebt Dating
Photo: Courtesy of @kash_punny

There’s something so freeing – and so sexy – about just letting go and having fun with the one you love. Leave the kids at home, and hit the slides and waterways at Aquaventure Waterpark. Just trust us on this one – it’s the best date we had all year. Spend the day laughing, splashing, flirting, screaming with delight, and remembering why you fell in love all over again.


B is for Blind Date

Alphabet Dating
Photo: Courtesy of @fairmontdubai

Nope. Not that kind of blind date. Step into the darkness of Noire – the restaurant hiding in the shadows of the Fairmont Dubai – ready to entice all of your senses, save one: sight. Waiters in night-vision goggles serve up a five-star gourmet cuisine (sight unseen) while you and your date are completely cloaked in darkness. Whoever guesses the menu correctly chooses their own reward.

C is for Courtyard

ALphabet Dating
Photo: Courtesy of @thecourtyard

Make Monday night date night, and head over to the Courtyard Theater just behind Town Square in Al Quoz for a night of improv. Watch as professionals battle it out “extempore from [their] mother wit” with suggestions direct from the audience. It’s an entertaining evening to say the least, and it never gets old. But make sure you pre-book and arrive early, as they sell out every night.

D is for Dinner in the Desert

Alphabet Dating
Photo: Courtesy of @naraescape

Our idea of the perfect Dubai date? A private dinner in the desert by French Chef, Franck Sanna, surrounded by the oryx and gazelles of Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. At Nara, everything from the menu to the activities are customized for you, and you even have the option to extend your date through breakfast by adding on an overnight stay.

E is for Eggspectations

Alphabet Dating
Photo: Courtesy of @eat_play_love_

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Wake your darling up early and make your way to the beach to visit the cutest and tastiest little breakfast place in JBR, Eggspectations. Get your eggs any and every way you like it. Extra points for whoever re-enacts that scene from When Harry Met Sally. You know the one. Make them want what you have.

F is for Fishing

Alphabet Dating
Photo: Courtesy of @gofishingdubai

Take a 35ft Triton yacht with Go Fishing Dubai from Dubai Marina out into the waters of the Gulf for a five-hour fishing trip and finish off the journey cooking what you catch on a live grill. The grill includes chicken, burgers, lamb chops, and whatever you catch – Emperor, Trevally, Grouper, Sea Bream, Small Barracuda, Catfish, or maybe even a baby shark in the summer. Make it a sight-seeing tour after dinner, and we think that’s a pretty awesome date.

G is for Glamping

Alphabet Dating
Photo: Courtesy of @hadiaghaleb

We have a rule: Go camping with your family and go glamping with your spouse. Starlight Camp is the crème de la crème of glamping. Sleep under the stars in a luxuriously decorated and furnished dome with a see-through roof and wake up to the sun peaking over the sandy horizon without a care in sight.

H is for High Tea

Alphabet Dating
Photo: Courtesy of @yulicagna

Awe-inspring views aside, fine roasts, seasonal flavors, sweet and savory treats, pastries, mini sandwiches, and 20 different types of tea make At.Mosphere at the Burj Khalifa one of the best high teas in Dubai. It’s the perfect afternoon date for a sophisticated couple at, quite literally, the highest high tea in the world. Pro Tip: Skip the line for ‘At the Top’ and get the same views with more food and fewer tourists at the High Tea.

I is for Ice Skating

Alphabet Dating
Photo: Courtesy of @benandstories

Hold hands while you blithely glide around the ice rink in Dubai Mall cozied up to your partner in a romantic frozen dance. Or laugh until your sides hurt while the both of you try without success to not to fall on your backside. Honestly, either way it’s a win-win. And no matter which camp you fall into, a mug of hot chocolate after will be the icing on the cake. So to speak.

J is for Jumble

alphabet dating
Photo: Courtesy of @elbitsiserrieb

Jumble is not an escape room. It’s so much more. Book your friends for a double date to team up in the games that will test your mental and physical prowess without the pressure of a time limit. Pick your double date wisely. That’s our only advice on this one.

K is for Kite Beach

Alphabet Dating
Photo: Courtesy of @derrynbrown

Wide open turquoise waters, waves, a path for those romantic sunset walks along the beach, options for activities like kite surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, jet skiing, or simiply soaking up the sun on the sand. Seriously. What is not to love about Kite Beach? Because the boardwalk is host to so many delicious food trucks and cafes, no need to pack a picnic.

L is for Lunch at Lana Lusa

Alphabet Dating
Photo: Courtesy of @lanalusadxb

Dinner is great, but how about a cheeky little lunch at Lana Lusa, the latest Portuguese restaurant in Jumeirah that has quickly become one of our favorite spots? Nothing like a little afternoon escape from work over the best Pastel de Nata in the city with your man, if we do say so ourselves.

M is for Massage at the Mandarin Oriental

Alphabet Dating
Photo: Courtesy of @silverfox.studios

Treat yourselves to a massage at Mandarin Oriental. Their signature treatments and experiences will melt away any stress, help you unplug from the world, and plug into each other. After your luxuriously rejuvenating experience, we also highly recommend Netsu for the meal of your life in this unique Japanese restaurant featuring the only warayaki grill outside of Japan.

N is for Ninive

Alphabet dating
Photo: Courtesy of @ninivedubai

The outdoor majlis of Ninive boasts one of the most beautiful sunsets in the city. Enjoy an aperitif at this gorgeous Middle Eastern restaurant. From the clay pottery and bedouin lighting, the cozy cushions, the taste of Arabia grilled to perfection, and the shisha (which has become something of an art form here), Ninive has distinct passion for our rich culture and history.

O is for Oo La Lab

Alphabet Dating
Photo: Courtesy of @oola.lab

They say that of the five senses, smell is the strongest sense. It can trigger our emotions, nostalgia, or create a memory. So why not take a loved one to Oo La Lab in Alserkal and make your own scent memory by creating the perfect fragrance for just the two of you at one of the mixology workshops? Ooo la la indeed.

P is for Park Hyatt Pool

Alphabet Dating
Photo: Courtesy of @parkyattdubai

Tucked away on Dubai Creek is one of our favorite pools in all of Dubai. The Lagoon Pool at Park Hyatt is a pool, but it’s also a beach. One-hundred meters of aquatic bliss, with a sandy bank where you can sink your toes as you stare out at the infinity pool overlooking the creek and a breathtaking view of Dubai’s skyline.

Q is for Quiz Night

Alphabet Dating
Photo: Courtesy of @anjakrvopic

We love a good quiz night, and Publique has one of the best quiz nights in town. Set in the Madinat Souk, the views from the gorgeous terrace are worth an Instagram post at the very least. The concept is an alpine ski lodge, so not only is it a fun, relaxing place to test your trivia knowledge, but it makes a pretty mean raclette and fondue as well.

R is for Roxy

Alphabet dating
Photo: Courtesy of @venedyusha

Roxy Cinemas’ incredible ‘Platinum Plus’ cinema experience takes a classic date to the movies just up a notch. A gourmet menu, a waiter on call, comfortable recliner seats, a pillow and a blanket, and a private platinum lounge makes it a movie experience to remember. All you need is to wait for that perfect date movie to be showing and the ball is in your court. We recommend thrillers for lots of hand holding.

S is for Ski Dubai

Alphabet dating
Photo: Courtesy of @ro_olivia

Where else in the world can you go skiing when it is over 40 degrees celsius outside? Nowhere is the answer. A fun date for you and your partner to escape the summer sun, suit up, and take to the slopes. There are also loads of other activities to do in the snow at Snow Park, and who could forget the cutest little Snow Penguins who come out to say hello!

T is for Top Golf

Alphabet Dating
Photo: Courtesy of @topgolfdubai

Emirates Golf Club has just opened up Dubai’s first Top Golf and we are mad for it. From the experienced golfer to the amateur, once you’re in your bay, all that matters is fun. Top Golf tracks your balls and your score while you enjoy the food and drink. Forget those put-put dates from your teen years. Top Golf knocks it out of the park with pure fun and sophistication.

U is for Underwater Zoo

Alphabet Dating
Photo: Courtesy of @grlinspired

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo – one of the largest suspended aquariums and underwater zoos in the world – is truly a magical place and must be your next date. Walk the rope bridge, visit the rocky shore, the rainforest, and find yourselves immersed undersea surrounded by some of the most beautiful aquatic animals in existence. You might even spot a mermaid.

V is for Vida Creek Harbour - The Savoir Flair Suite

SFxVIDA suite
Photo: Courtesy of Savoir Flair

Vida Creek Harbour’s bespoke Savoir Flair Suite has it all. The ultimate date turned staycation. It offers sophistication, views that will make you want to sit and watch for hours on end, and of course an exclusively private suite designed by Savoir Flair for you and your spouse to rekindle and reconnect. Maybe we’re a little biased, but the room is so beautifully appointed, quiet, and relaxing that you may just want to order room service and enjoy your surroundings in the plush SF robes and slippers provided.

W is for Walk

Alphabet Dating
Photo: Courtesy of @lignum_wood_floors

A meandering walk across the bridge connecting Dubai to Bluewaters Island is not only a romantic date, but beautiful, unique, and 100% free. If you want to extend the date, you can always opt for a coffee or meal at one of the restaurants on the island. We recommend Alici.

X is for XVA Gallery

Alphabet Dating
Photo: Courtesy of @xvagallery

Set in the heart of Al Fahidi is XVA Gallery, Hotel, and Cafe and a true hidden gem. Have a coffee with your spouse in the gorgeous atrium/cafe and soak up the authentic Old Dubai, and then wander around to peruse the regional art.

Y is for Yacht

Alphabet Dating
Photo: Courtesy of @alinasvibes

Picture this: the wind blowing through your hair, the taste of salt on your lips, and strong arms around you as you and your spouse exult in the movement of your privately chartered yacht bouncing across the waters of the Gulf. It’s so easy to charter a private yacht for a date here in Dubai, your only question should be why haven’t you done it yet? Best. Date. Ever.

Z is for Zuma

Alphabet Dating
Photo: Courtesy of @zuma_restaurant

Could there be anything other than Zuma for Z? We don’t think so. One of the most elegant, sophisticated, and delicious restaurants in Dubai makes this one a no-brainer for that very special date. Make sure you both dress to impress, as this contemporary Japanese restaurant serves up everything tasty in a sleek atmosphere. You won’t regret one bite.

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