Extra Extra: Are Kim and Kanye Calling It Quits?

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We get it. We can barely keep up with the onslaught of information ourselves. That being said, it’s our mission to keep readers in the know, which is why we’ve combed through it all, distilled it to its essence, and dispensed it into easily digestible tidbits. Want to be the most knowledgeable culture savant in your group of friends? Then check back every Sunday for what you’ve missed in the world of culture, celebrities, and fashion.


Twitter and Facebook Silence Trump for Incendiary Rhetoric Following Capitol Hill Riots

On Wednesday, Congress was in session with Vice President Mike Pence to formally declare Joe Biden the next President of the United States, when Capitol Hill fell under attack by an army of angry Donald Trump supporters. The violent mob was able to breach the Capitol – in what seemed worryingly easy – and the result was destruction, chaos, and the death of five people.

Many people have pointed out the glaring absence of force from the police and the non-presence of the National Guard to stop the rioters, as well as the glaringly opposite rhetoric used by the President himself in talking about this mob as “patriots” as opposed to the BLM protesters – peaceful or otherwise – who were declared “rioters.”

The President turned to his favorite megaphone, Twitter, and continued to fan the flames of his supposed ‘injustice’ while making weak appeals to those “patriots” who stormed the capital to cease, causing many of the large social media networks to look into his previous rhetoric. What resulted was a permanent ban from Facebook and, at long last, Twitter, for the incendiary nature of his posts to incite violence.


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Are Kim and Kanye Calling it Quits?

Reports began to surface last week that Kim Kardashian would be filing for divorce from her husband of six years, Kanye West. Kardashian and West have had a tumultuous year of marriage to say the least, and the reality TV star and fashion entrepreneur has stood by her husband’s side through all of their ups and downs. A source close to Kardashian has leaked to news outlets that a divorce is “inevitable” and that she has been “holding it together for the kids,” however, not much else is known.

Trump Silenced by Twitter
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Qatar to Open Flights to Saudi Arabia

The opening of borders between Qatar and the rest of its GCC neighbors was cause for huge celebration this past week. Economists expect a spike in trade and the economies of GCC countries due to the end of the three-year standoff. Qatar Airways and Saudi Airways have announced that tomorrow, January 11th, will mark the reopening of flights between Riyadh and Doha, followed by Jeddah and Doha on the 14th. In a post on Twitter, Qatar Airways said, “We also look forward to resuming a strong relationship with our trade and cargo partners in KSA, as well as the major airports in the country.”


The UAE Reports a Record Number of COVID-19 Cases, But Hope Remains

The stats are beginning to look ominous as the number of new cases continue to rise amid the government’s easing of COVID-related restrictions. This past week saw nearly 3,000 new cases on per day for three consecutive days, a record high for the nation.

The silver lining is that the UAE has rolled out an extensive vaccination program, with at least one form of vaccine available to every resident over the age of 16 in the country. Another bright light is that initial research is proving that the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine is effective against not only the 2020 strain of COVID-19, but the new N501Y mutation as well.


Women Directed a Record Number of Films in 2020

A recent study reveals that a record-breaking 16% of the highest-grossing 100 films of 2020 were directed by women. While it appears a dismal number, it does give hope that the long male-dominated monopoly in Hollywood seems to be course-correcting.

Not long ago, it was a rare sight indeed to see a woman’s name on the list of nominees for Best Director for the Academy Awards, and the fact that only one woman has ever won the coveted Oscar – Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker – so far, should be telling enough.

That being said, despite the obstacle that the global pandemic presented in 2020, we’re still pretty proud of our sisters in Hollywood. And in case you need a nudge, look for their films in 2021 and go see them. Your movie ticket is the best thing you can do to support women in the movie industry. One good example? Olivia Wilde, who is directing her first film and appears to be dating her co-star, Harry Styles.

Trump Silenced by Twitter
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It's the War of the Awards

The Grammy Awards announced this past Tuesday that they were rescheduling their televised award show previously set for January 26th to March 14th due to the rise of coronavirus cases in Los Angeles. The problem is that The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) had already announced last July that due to the pandemic, they would be rescheduling their event usually held in January for March 14th. For a little context, this isn’t the first time the sister award shows have gotten into a kerfuffle over dates.

Last year, when the Grammys announced the same date as the SAG awards, SAG graciously moved their awards a week earlier. In a statement to the press, it appears that SAG is expressing their disappointment as opposed to taking the high road one more year. Given that The Weeknd was snubbed this year by the Grammys as well and didn’t receive any nominations for his number one album, After Hours, nor for his single, “Blinding Lights”, we may just forego the Grammys completely this year anyway, and we won’t be surprised if Elton John does the same.

Trump Silenced by Twitter
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Lacoste Launches E-Commerce in Kuwait, Qatar, and Egypt

Lacoste has launched its new online e-commerce platform for Qatar, Kuwait, and Egypt. Now customers in those regions will be privy to all of their favorite apparel, shoes, leather goods, and accessories from the “casual premium brand that is the embodiment of elegance.” Additionally, all three iconic collections for both men and women, including ‘Lacoste mainline’, ‘Lacoste L!VE’, and ‘Lacoste sport’ will be available on the site, with free deliveries in 48 hours. Moreover, by signing up for the newsletter, customers can also gain access to private sales and exclusive online offers.


Trump Silenced by Twitter
Photo: Courtesy of Lacoste

Northface x Gucci Unveiled in Artwalls

In celebration of the new motifs by The North Face x Gucci, Gucci Artwalls will be unveiled in five lucky cities: Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, New York, and Milan. The Artwalls will spotlight exclusive imagery while assimilating The North Face x Gucci logo.

Trump Silenced by Twitter
Photo: Courtesy of Gucci
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