Extra Extra: The Original James Bond, Sean Connery, Dies at 90

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Sean Connery Dies
Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

We get it. We can barely keep up with the onslaught of information ourselves. That being said, it’s our mission to keep readers in the know, which is why we’ve combed through it all, distilled it to its essence, and dispensed it into easily digestible tidbits. Want to be the most knowledgeable culture savant in your group of friends? Then check back every Sunday for what you’ve missed in the world of culture, celebrities, and fashion.


Sean Connery Passes Away at Age 90

Sean Connery, the first actor to portray Ian Fleming‘s iconic Agent 007, has passed away at the age of 90. The news of the Scottish actor’s passing came yesterday as fans around the globe began to mourn and reminisce about the man whose talent, beauty, and sexual prowess set the standard for all future James Bond actors to follow. The versatile actor also won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in the movie Untouchables, and endeared himself to younger generations as the father of Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade as well as the reclusive writer in Finding Forrester. But it is his memorable portrayal of the MI5 spy that proves that even though Connery only lived once, his legend will never die.

Sean Connery dies
Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

New Netflix Reality Show Gives An Inside Look Into the Beckhams' Courtship

You know all those old videos that your parents took of you as a child gathering dust on a VHS in the attic? Well, David Beckham’s parents have now garnered the soccer star a AED76 million deal with Netflix with their treasure trove of camcorder footage for an all-new reality series that will follow Beckham and give insights into his childhood and career. But most fans are excited about the “fly-on-the-wall” observations of the famous ‘footballer’ and his equally famous wife, Victoria Beckham. From their courtship to marriage and their family life, fans are promised the chance to see it all in the new series. And we hope they mean all.

Sean Connery Dies
Photo: Courtesy of @davidbeckham

Level Shoes Levels Up on New Mobile App

Level Shoes is launching its new Level Shoes App to bring its customers live consultations, exclusive sneaker drops, wish lists, latest trends, and daily inspirations. To celebrate the launch, the Level Shoes store in The Dubai Mall will be curating a stylized digital art gallery replete with QR codes from the app with 10% off first in-app purchases. The new app is available in English and in Arabic across five markets: UAE, KSA, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

Sean Connery Dies
Photo: Courtesy of Level Shoes

Forever Rose x Versace Is Just What We Needed

There is very little that lifts the spirits like walking into your home or office and seeing a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers sitting on your table, entryway, or even your desk. But the sad part is when they eventually wither away. Forever Rose has been providing homes with fresh and forever floral arrangements since 2014, and now it has teamed up with fashion house Versace to offer customers an exclusive collection of authentic and timeless designs ready to romanticize any room. No matter your taste in color or flower, these beautiful creations are sure to please all the senses for you and your guests.

Sean Connery Dies
Photo: Courtesy of Forever Rose

Calvin Klein Goes Unfiltered

Calvin Klein has teamed up with Google’s creative think tank, Google Zoo, to analyze the most-searched bra questions on the popular search engine and provide answers for their consumers in a new YouTube mini-series called #CKUnfiltered. Questions are as diverse as the range of bras themselves – including CK’s first maternity fit nursing bra from the point of view of an actual pregnant woman – and real women are giving their first-hand experiences with the brand. So if you find yourself with any burning questions about your “over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders”, head on over to YouTube and see if they have a response for you.

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