What Exactly Is #NoSpendSeptember?

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We can all probably agree that it’s healthy to go through a detox now and again. Sometimes we do a sugar detox or a juice cleanse to clean out our digestive systems and reset our eating habits and mentality. Or perhaps we cleanse our beauty routines, taking out all of the products with chemicals in it. More recently, there has been strong evidence to support the notion that a social media detox can drastically improve your communication, relationships, energy, and presence of mind.

What about our financial habits? How about we reset our spending behaviors, detox from our urges for unnecessary purchases, and force ourselves to come up with creative solutions to get what we want with what we already have?

That’s where the #NoSpendSeptember movement comes in. During the month of September, people around the globe have made a commitment to not spend money — except of course for necessities, which we will outline below. There is a whole host of individuals who have made a decision and are on this journey together to lend support and encouragement. Just search the hashtag.

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Maybe your goal is to save for a down payment on a new home, or a new car, or even to pay off some debt. It could also be that you have found yourself in the situation where you have urges to just buy, and you end up with things that you don’t use or need. Whatever your reasons are for a cleanse, they are yours, and they will be your anchor throughout the next four weeks.

We should probably explain one thing. Unless you live and own your own self-sustaining farm with a well-pump for water, don’t use electricity, a phone, and have zero debt, money will inevitably have to be exchanged. The idea is not to spend zero money, but to cut out all unnecessary purchases. This does not include things like:

    • Rent/Mortgage
    • Utilities
    • Car loans
    • Phone bill
    • Insurance
    • Student loans
    • Medical visits
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What about food, toiletries, Uber, entertainment, and clothing? Good question. These should all be determined by you, and we recommend you make the commitment before you begin. For example, food, of course, is of the necessary spending category, but perhaps you want to make a decision to only spend money on groceries and cook at home for four weeks and save money that way. That would mean you make a choice not to order take-out or go out to a restaurant during the month of September.

The same with entertainment. Maybe you can choose to play board games at a friend’s house instead of going out. Maybe you choose to watch a movie on Netflix, instead of renting one on demand. For toiletries, yes, we need to have toothpaste, but do we really need to buy that new lipstick color we have been jonesing for? Or those shoes that we can’t take our eyes off of? Do we really need to update our home decor right now, or could it possibly wait until October? On the other hand, perhaps by saving in September, you could even have a larger chunk of savings to get that item that you really want, instead of a cheaper knock-off.

Look through your closet. What can you do to create new looks with what you have? Can you pair different tops and bottoms to create something new? Mix up your accessories instead of your old tried and true? Try something new and different without spending a dime. Use a DIY face mask instead of a store bought one. The natural ingredients will do wonders for your skin. Plus, you can’t beat the price tag. The point is: #NoSpendSeptember is all about choices.

At the end of the day, it’s your choice. You want this to be successful, so you can give yourself flexibility as you feel it is necessary for you, as long as you stay on track. Some folks like to go cold turkey. Some folks need a cheat day. It’s your detox. So do what is right for you.

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For those of you who want to make the commitment for a #NoSpendSeptember, we at Savoir Flair want to help you achieve your goals. We will be posting articles on homemade skincare using the items you most likely already have in your home, as well as tips and tricks for creating new looks by shopping your own closet, thereby letting your wallet collect dust and your savings account multiply.

A simple question to ask yourself before you spend money is, “Can I accomplish the same goal without spending money?” If the answer is yes, then you know what to do! This detox is for you. So make a commitment, set your boundaries and your budget, and get creative. Happy #NoSpendSeptember!

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