10 Hilarious Times Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Trolled Each Other

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
Photo: Courtesy of @blakelively

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have got to be our favorite celebrity couple. Not only can we not stop grinning as we stare at pictures of the beautiful couple laughing, smiling, and gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes, but their online antics have been a source of fun and comedic perfection since the couple hooked up. They continually rib, poke fun, and call each other out in a way that is not only endearing, but gives us lucky onlookers a taste of what their marriage must be like.

It’s clear that the two have a deep love for each other as well as a mirrored sense of humor, and despite their A-list status, they share a mutual appreciation for not taking life too seriously. If humor is a pillar of a strong marriage, then these two have enough between the two of them to last a lifetime. In honor of Lively’s 33rd birthday today, here are ten hilarious times she and Ryan Reynolds trolled each other on Instagram and made us fall even more in love with them as a couple each time. Now this is true love.


That Time Ryan Sent Blake an Out-of-Office Note Via Instagram

Besides being a great actor and doting husband, Reynolds also owns Aviation Gin. So when he reposted a sexy scene from his movie Buried with product placement hilariously photoshopped into a crucial moment, it didn’t take long for his wife to take notice.

Lively responded to his post with: “I think this just got me pregnant.”

To which the father of three replied: “@blakelively I will be out of the office starting July 22nd through the middle of forever and ever. If you need immediate assistance during my absence, please contact someone. Anyone. Otherwise I will respond to your message as soon as possible upon my unlikely return. Thank you.”


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That Time Ryan Posted Picture Un-Perfect Photos of Blake for Her Birthday

For Lively’s birthday last year, Reynolds posted a montage of his favorite photos of his beloved wife. The only thing was that she is shown either blinking, looking off, making an awkward face, or just plain blurry in every single picture. He, on the other hand, looks perfect in every frame. Well played, Reynolds.


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Happy Birthday, @blakelively.

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Then There Was the Other Birthday Photo...

On the subject of birthdays, how about the birthday when Reynolds posted a beautiful picture of them together where he looks dapper and she is cropped out?


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Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.

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That Time Blake Posted a Promo for Her Latest Film and Ryan Had Something to Say About It

Lively posted a publicity image for her upcoming film, A Simple Favor, in which she is standing suggestively over an unseen male. Her husband immediately responded with: “He seems nice.” We can almost hear him saying it in his sarcastically lovable way.


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That Time Blake Trolled a Troll for Her Hubby

A parody account hilariously photoshopped a picture of Reynolds onto a tattooed body wearing a “FUN” t-shirt and an American flag speedo. Lively simply responded with: “Please stop stealing my personal photos.”


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That Time Blake Posted a Picture of Ryan With a Teeny-Weeny Ponytail on Her IG Stories

Coronavirus and at-home quarantine didn’t slow their jousts of jests. Lively posted a photo on her Instagram stories of just the back of Reynolds’ head, as he sports an itty-bitty little ponytail supposedly fashioned by one of his three daughters. She quips, “I dare you to forget this whenever you see him for the rest of eternity.”

Reynolds re-shared her story and fired back with the caption, “Clearly your birth control doesn’t work…”

blake lively and ryan reynolds trolling
Photo: Courtesy of @blakelively

That Time Blake Insinuated Ryan's Trainer Was Hotter Than He Was

Reynolds posted a picture of his personal trainer, Don Saladino, who incidentally trains Lively as well, promoting his offer to train clients for free during this time. Lively, never one to miss a good joke, shared her husband’s story but added to it by saying, “@vacinityreynolds I keep swiping right. This thing isn’t working.” Her Tinder reference was met with belly laughter from this quarter.

Photo: Courtesy of @donsaladino

That Time Blake Called Ryan Out for Having 'No Chill'

Reynolds posted a series of stories showing that Aviation gin had reached number one for ‘best celebrity spirits.’ Lively hilariously reposted all of his stories pointing out that her husband had “no chill” and finally ending with “I can’t remember a time when he wasn’t posting about winning this.”

Photo: Courtesy of @blakelively

That Time Ryan Joked That the NY Post Had Discovered Blake's Secrets First

When the New York Post tweeted an unattractive photo of someone who looked a lot like Lively with a less than appealing caption, the Deadpool actor used his superpowers of humor against the media giant, in essence wiping away any notions that it might be her.

Photo: Courtesy of @vancityreynolds

That Time When Blake Won With a Birthday Revenge Tweet

For all of Reynolds’ heartwarming birthday messages, Lively finally found her revenge by tweeting a picture of Reynolds with Ryan Gosling, only this time Reynolds had been cropped out. Underneath the photo, Lively tweeted oh so cooly, “Happy Birthday, Baby.” And the winner is Blake Lively, ladies and gentlemen.

Photo: Courtesy of @blakelively
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