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Photo: Courtesy of @foodblessed

On August 4, a catastrophic explosion ripped through the historic city of Beirut. As the initial chaos and fumes settled into heaps of debris, the magnitude of the destruction shocked the world. The blast, which flattened much of the port area and surrounding neighborhoods, has left Beirut’s already fragile art and culture scene heavily damaged.

Lost archives, collapsed studios, crumbled museums, blown-up inventories, and destroyed works of art were all that was left after the explosion. The horrifying blast will leave an irreversible emotional scar on the cultural scene of the Lebanese capital. Who can understand their pain better than fellow artists? While there is next to nothing that can be done to heal their broken hearts, the global artistic community is doing what they do best – coming up with unique and creative ways to help rebuild Beirut.

Scroll down to discover how artists are doing their part to raise funds, and how you can participate and help.

Fatima Dia

If you’ve been following news about the massive explosion that rocked Beirut, it’s likely that you’ve come across Lebanese Artist, Fatima Dia‘s viral painting – ‘Rising Angels’. Created to provide an outlet for the heavy emotions associated with the tragic incident, Dia put the painting up for online auction when she realized how tremendous the response to it was. 100% of the proceeds of the sale of ‘Rising Angels’ will be donated to those who lost their homes and were affected by the tragedy.



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At the beginning I did this painting as a way to express my feelings. But now that you like it and it started getting viral I decided to sell it in an auction and donate 100% of the amount (no matter what that amount will be at the end) to people who lost their homes and were affected by this tragedy. Everything will be broadcasted live on my page to guarantee the transparency. You can place your bid directly on the following link till August 30, 2020. You can also find this link in my bio. For more information, please contact “”. I will keep updating you with the selling prices we reach in my stories. I hope you can help us spread the message! Thank you for your cooperation. Please share. Painting info: Acrylic 40×50 cm. . . . . . . ‏#beirutexplosion #beirutportexplosion #prayforlebanon #prayforbeirut #انفجار_بيروت #انفجاربيروت #تفجير_بيروت #بيروت_في_قلوبنا #بيروت_أم_الدنيا

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Nour Flayhan

Lebanese illustrator Nour Flayhan has pledged 100% of proceeds from the sale of her illustrations to charitable institutions working on the ground in Beirut. She urged her clients to make a donation to an organization of their choice (out of the ones vetted by her), and in turn they will receive an illustration by the artist.

Flayhan has also collaborated with the online concept store, Dikkéni, to design the ‘Our Lebanon’ Beirut Relief tote bag and poster. All proceeds from the sales of the products will be donated to Impact Lebanon.

Raphaelle Macaron

Another Lebanese illustrator, Raphaelle Macaron, has pledged the proceeds from his print sales to Impact Lebanon. He also urged his followers to donate to other organizations in the Lebanese Red Cross and Beit el Baraka.

Artists for Beirut

Founded by New York artists, Artists for Beirut aims to serve as a platform for artists around the globe to donate their artworks in support of the victims of the Beirut blast. All proceeds from the sale of the artworks will be donated to the Lebanese Red Cross.

Gulf Photo Plus x Ruwa Space

‘For the Love of Beirut’ is a fundraising initiative launched by Ruwa in collaboration with Gulf Photo Plus. Bringing together a selection of over 60 international visual artists for a print sale, the initiative aims at donating 100% of all sales proceeds to the Lebanese Red Cross.


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LAUNCHING TOMORROW- “For the Love of Beirut”: a fundraising initiative led by Ruwa and @GulfPhotoPlus in partnership with @BeirutCenterOfPhotography In My House, and @Jadaliyya to celebrate a love and intimate appreciation for the city, and to support the communities affected by the blast.* This intiative brings together a selection of over 60 international visual artists, from Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, UAE, Kuwait, Yemen, Mauritania, Somaliland, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Syria, Saudi, Bahrain, Kenya, Tanzania, Iran, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, India, USA, Philippines, Palestine, Sudan, Turkey, France, Spain, Canada, and Russia, for a print sale, of which 100 percent of the proceeds (less printing/packaging costs) will be donated to the Lebanese Red Cross. 
 The online print sale begins Monday, 10th of August 6 at PM Beirut time and 11 AM New York time, lasting for two weeks, ending on August 26th at midnight Beirut time. 
 Collected works range from contributions by independent Lebanese artists and the Beirut Center of Photography, to works by artists from the region (Levant, Gulf, North Africa) as well as contributions by members of NOOR, Magnum and the international community beyond. Printed on archival fine art paper, they will be open editions sized at 10×15” (25x38cms) at US$ 135 + shipping, and will be dispatched globally from Gulf Photo Plus in Dubai. Image By @CharbelalKhoury, Fresh to Death, 2020 #ForTheLoveOfBeirut #IAmLebanon #Beirut

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Gail Gosschalk

Illustrator Gail Gosschalk took to Instagram to announce that all proceeds from the sales of her posters will be donated to Impact Lebanon.


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As the (toxic) dust settles on the ruins of beloved Beirut, my heart is there and I so wish I could do more. 100% of proceeds from my poster sales will be donated to @impact.lebanon, a non-profit that has set up a crowdfunding to help safely channel funds to the emergency recovery headed by the @lebaneseredcross and other local NGOs coordinating to help clear the streets and homes, house, feed and protect the unthinkable number of people affected. You can also make a donation via the link in my bio. My entire heart is in Beirut right now . . . . . #beirut #beyrouth #thawra #love #rebuildbeirut #illustration #artforsale #liban #lebanon #artforsalebyartist #middleeast #illustrationoftheday #biker #girlrider #bikergirl #abayastyle #gailgosschalkillustration

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Cinema Akil

Dubai-based arthouse cinema, Cinema Akil, in partnership with Front Row Films, has launched special ‘Beirut Relief Screenings’ in an effort to raise funds for the victims of the unfortunate incident. All proceeds from the series of special screenings will go to the Lebanese Red Cross.

Habibi Funk

The Berlin-based Arabic record label Habibi Funk expressed solidarity with the people of Beirut by releasing a seven-track digital album called ‘Solidarity with Beirut’. The album features Beiruti artists like Rogér Fakhr, Ferkat Al Ard, and Abboud Saad. All sales proceeds from the album will be donated to the Lebanese Red Cross.


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OUT TODAY (Habibi Funk 015): SOLIDARITY WITH BEIRUT, 100% of the profits will go to to Lebanese Red Cross, link in bio: We at Habibi Funk have been shocked and saddened by the explosion in Beirut 3 days ago (الترجمة العربية أسفله) . It was important for us to express our solidarity with a city that means so much to us, so we spent yesterday with calls and messages to some of our favorite musicians from Beirut. 100% of the profits will go the the Lebanese Red Cross. Although this compilation was put together in order to raise funds as quickly as possible, we truly love how it turned out to be musically too. It will drop as a digital only @bandcamp exclusive tomorrow, coinciding with Bandcamp Friday, the day the platform waives their seller fees so we can maximize the donation. Shout out to Issam Hajali, Toufic Farroukh, Rogér Fakhr, Munir Khauli and Abboud Saadi for their contributions. Cover photo by @myriamboulos, artwork by @raphaellemacaron @simone_cihlar and @malakmakar. Big up to @radioalhara @beirutgroovecollective @soledxb @rootradiolive and @chicorecords for helping us spread the word and supporting. // نحن في حالة ذعر وحزن على انفجار بيروت ونشعر بأهمية التضامن مع هذه المدينة لمكانتها الخاصة في قلوبنا. تواصلنا على مدار يومين مع مجموعة من الموسيقيين المفضلين لنا ببيروت لنجمع بعض من أغانيهم في ألبوم صغير. سنتبرع بـ ١٠٠ ٪؜ من الأرباح للصليب الأحمر اللبناني. بالرغم من تسرعنا في إطلاق الألبوم على أمل المساهمة المادية في أسرع وقت، نحن راضين جدا بالنتيجة على المستوى الموسيقي. أصدرنا الألبوم فقط في نسخة رقمية اليوم على باندكامب بالتوازي مع باندكامب فرايداي، وهو اليوم الذي يتنازل فيه باندكامب عن رسوم البائع بما يسمح لنا بالمساهمة بأقصى مبلغ.

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Art Relief for Beirut

Art Relief Beirut serves as a platform for artists to donate their creative works to raise funds for those affected by the explosion in Beirut. The featured artworks can be purchased by donating the price quoted by the artist to Impact Lebanon or the Lebanese Red Cross.

Twothirds Design Bureau

Understandably, work is the last thing on the mind of those who have been affected by the fatal blast. Realizing this, Dubai-based design agency Twothirds Design Bureau has offered to complete outstanding projects of design agencies and creative enterprises that were affected to ensure that they do not lose out on the payment as they cope with the aftermath of the disaster.


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we are sorry, we are here & we want to help. please reach out to design[at] for more details.

A post shared by Twothirds Design Bureau ( on

Rama Duwaji

Rama Duwaji, best known for her illustrated portraits, has pledged all proceeds from the sales of her portraits to non-profit organizations Matbakh El Balad and Beit el Baraka.

Fundraising and Storytelling for Beirut

Writer Fatima Bhutto and lawyer Menaal Munshey have organised a unique fundraiser to aid the victims of the Beirut blast. Writers and poets will be coming together to share their words in support of Beirut on August 12 (8pm Dubai time). All of the money collected by the fundraiser will be distributed to Food Blessed, Iftar in a Box, and Rebuild Beirut among others.


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Writers and poets, we are telling our stories, sharing our words in support of #Beirut Do please join us for an evening of storytelling, solidarity and fundraising for Beirut on August 12. Contact to donate and register. @fbhutto @beirutiguy 📚📚📚 Yazarlar, şairler hep birlikte Beyrut için gönüllü etkinlik yapıyoruz, ‪paylaştığımız kelimelerimiz, hikayelerimiz, yüreğimiz…‬ toplanan bütün bağışlar Beyrut’a gönderilecek oradaki yardım kuruluşlarına, siz de katılın siz de destekleyin #humanityfirst #writersandpoets #writersandreaders #beirutlebanon #beirutburning #storytellings #storytellersofchaos #togetherwestanddividedwefall #yardımlaşma #hepberaber #yazarlarveşairler #yazarlarveokurlar

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Annamaria Aoun

Annamaria Aoun, a Lebanese expat in the UAE, has not only pledged to donate all the proceeds from the sales of her ‘Abwab El Hay’ photo series to the Lebanese Red Cross, but also promised to match the first five orders.


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Limited Art Prints from “abwab el hay” series now available 🇱🇧 100% proceeds on all prints will be donated to the Lebanese Red Cross, Gemmayze. 90USD per print available in the UAE while stocks last For international orders, please DM for more info I will personally match the first 5 orders As a Lebanese expat, I’ve only ever spent my summers & occasional winters in the city that raised both my parents. I lived and loved Beirut from afar, the beauty in its chaos, thanks to their stories. When I was working on this photo series “abwab el hay” back in 2007, I remember thinking how exhausted every little thing looked and felt. I then stopped looking at the spaces as objects and structures but as living things with feelings and trauma. The doors, the knobs, the locks, the corners, the shutters, the steps .. all of it. We never imagined it could get any worse. The beauty in the chaos today is seeing everyone coming together in efforts to save and preserve what’s left and rebuild ✊🏼 DONATE DONATE DONATE as much as you can, especially to the @lebaneseredcross whose teams and volunteers are working round the clock shifts to help all those need, not only in Beirut but all over Lebanon. God bless ❤️🇱🇧🙏🏼

A post shared by Annamaria Aoun (@anna.tangles) on

Abdulla Elmaz

Renowned photographer Abdulla Elmaz – known for his dreamy images that employ everyday objects like plastic chairs – has created a donation drive via Instagram. Elmaz, after donating AED5,000 directly to families in need in Beirut, requested that his followers also donate to one of five listed charities: Impact Lebanon, Lebanese Red Cross, Rebuild Beirut, Beit el Baraka, or Jude Chehab. Once they donate and share a receipt with Elmaz via Instagram, he has pledged to send participants one of his images, completely free of charge.


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We cannot look away from what is happening in Beirut. It is painful, but that is reality. In an effort to contribute, and to inspire others to do the same, I am launching a donation drive to benefit Beirut. I am personally donating AED 5000 directly to families in need in Beirut. My mission is simple: share your own donation of $20 or more with me via screenshot to my DM. In return, I will send you a high resolution of this image photographed by me and collaged by the amazing @clintondelliott – free for you to use and to do with it what you want. Like a rose with its soft petals, the people of Beirut are beautiful and resilient. But like the rose in this image, Beirut is burning from injustice and negligence.  If you want to join me in helping, please make your donation to a legitimate organization like  @impact.lebanon, @lebaneseredcross, @rebuild_beirut, @beitelbaraka or @judechehab Don’t forget to screenshot your donation and dm it to me to receive the image. 🇱🇧♥️

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Hiba Fares

Artists Hiba Fares created a special piece of art, ‘Heart Exploding’, in response to the Beirut explosion. All proceeds from the sales of the print will be donated to the Lebanese Red Cross.

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