Extra Extra: A Tell-All Biography, a Bizarre Baby Name, and More

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Selena Gomez home chef
Photo: Courtesy of @selenagomez

The world is a scary place right now. As news of the coronavirus pandemic continues to crash through your screens all day long, we know it can be a lot to keep up with. In this special edition of Extra Extra, we’re bringing you news regarding COVID-19 from the worlds of fashion, beauty, and pop culture alongside updates that have nothing to do with our new normal.


Selena Gomez Signs On for a Cooking Show

How do you think Selena Gomez prefers her steak? “Rare”? We may soon be finding out. This week, HBO Max announced a summer series in which the popstar will make the best of lockdown with her own at-home cooking show.

“Like many of us while being home, I find myself cooking more and experimenting. I definitely don’t have the formal training though,” she shared. In the episodes, she will team with a master chef to learn how to make cuisines from around the world. We’re already crossing our fingers for a Selena Gomez x Padma Lakshmi collab.


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Agree to Tell All

Drama has followed Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ever since they first started dating, and has only ramped us since the two decided to relinquish their royal duties and move out of the UK. A new book by royal writers Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand called Finding Freedom aims to dispel “the many rumors and misconceptions which have plagued the couple on both sides of the pond”. The writers were granted unprecedented access to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and the book is expected to drop on August 11.


Adele Stuns with Birthday Photo

In a birthday post to Instagram, singer Adele didn’t focus on herself, instead thanking first responders to the COVID-19 crisis. But all anyone could talk about? Her physical transformation. We’re of the mindset that Adele is a goddess no matter what her weight is, and that the media fixation on her weight loss is unhealthy at best – and destructive at worst.


Nicholas Cage Tapped to Play Joe Exotic

No one could have predicted the unlikely success of Netflix’s documentary series Tiger King, starring big cat enthusiast Joe Exotic. His unforgettable personality, unhinged rants against his “enemies”, and his propensity for larger-than-life drama turned the Oklahoma man into an overnight sensation. Now, he will be memorialized in a new limited series, with Nicholas Cage tapped to play Exotic. That’s a bit of casting we can get behind.


Two Retail Giants Declare Bankruptcy

The retail sector has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic, as the world was forced indoors and shopping took a nosedive. And the latest victims of the crisis? Neiman Marcus and J.Crew, both of which have declared bankruptcy. J.Crew has been struggling  to find an identity and court millennial and Gen-Z shoppers for years, but Neiman Marcus filing was a bit more of a surprise.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy doesn’t mean the end of either business, but rather restructuring and a removal of overhanging debts that may position them for a stronger future. However, with both companies furloughing employees during the pandemic, the uncertainty surrounding their future remains.


Elon Musk and Grimes Baffle the World with Baby Name

One of the world’s most unlikely celebrity couples – billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk and space-pop princess Grimes – made headlines for a reason no one saw coming. Their son was born last week and given an impossible-to-pronounce name: X Æ A-12.

Grimes tried to clear up the reason behind the name on Twitter, but only appeared to confuse followers further. And only adding to the complication is the fact that X Æ A-12 isn’t technically legal in the state of California as only names featuring the 26 letters of the alphabet are accepted.


Expo 2020 Is Officially Postponed

Preparation for hosting Expo 2020 has sent Dubai into a flurry of construction and citywide planning. However, things came to a halt because of COVID-19, with the global event now taking place from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. The decision came as part of a two-thirds majority vote by governing body Bureau International des Expositions.

The government of Dubai responded to the decision, saying, “We welcome this final decision, which allows participating countries around the globe to safely navigate the impact of COVID-19. This additional time also allows us to prepare to welcome a more united and resilient world in 2021, where we will collectively celebrate culture, creativity, and innovation.”


Luxury Brands Launch E-Commerce in the Region

While omnichannel pivots have been on the horizon for many luxury retailers, the pandemic has forced them to move faster to create new e-commerce strategies. Amidst the early adopters are Louis Vuitton and Dior, both of which have recently launched local e-commerce platforms, making their products available for online shoppers in the Middle East. 

Dior launched its virtual pop-up late last week, featuring a capsule collection of rose gold and metallic gray styles for Ramadan. Meanwhile, Louis Vuitton launched its platform with complimentary delivery within the UAE.

Dior Middle East Pop-Up
Photo: Courtesy of Dior
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