Here’s Where We Seek an Escape from Reality These Days

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Travel Shows
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Travel plans? What travel plans? Gone are the days of scouring Lonely Planet guides, staying at quirky boutique hotels, discovering hidden gems around the world, and crossing countries off our bucket lists. Instead, our nights are spent with everyone’s quarantine BFF Netflix, watching travel-centric shows and documentaries that help us escape reality, journey to some of the most far-flung corners of the globe, live vicariously through the adventurous among us, explore the street food of exotic locales, and even learn something new. Here are our 10 favorites.


Our Planet

For the Eco-Conscious Traveler

Narrated by David AttenboroughOur Planet will leave you gawking at nature’s splendor as you experience everything from the remote Arctic wilderness to never before explored depths of an ocean through a lens. Examining how climate change impacts all living creatures, this docuseries is also a reminder that much of our planet’s abundance has been compromised due to human activity – and now is the time to step up and reflect on our actions.

Watch it here.

Travel Shows Our Planet
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Street Food: Asia

For the Fearless Foodie

If you’re one to discover the soul of a city through its street food, this is the show for you. Street Food: Asia celebrates the diversity of Asian cuisine as it takes you through the hectic streets of Japan, Thailand, India, and Indonesia amongst others. It even celebrates the culinary genius of a Savoir Flair hero: 75-year-old street food chef Jay Fai.

Watch it here.

raan jay fai cooking bangkok
Photo: Courtesy of @keerisnith

Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father

For the Solo Traveler

We’re big advocates of solo travel for the solitude and freedom it entails – and solo travel this is not. Jack Whitehall is a cheery comedian, traveling through the likes of Vietnam, Hungary, and Turkey with his stuffy father in tow. And as you can imagine, it’s their very contrasting opinions and travel mishaps that will leave you laughing out loud.

Watch it here.

Travel Shows Jack Whitehall Travels with My Father
Photo: Courtesy of Solar Movie

Dark Tourist

For the, Well, Dark Tourist

The typical vacation involves sandy beaches, storied museums, charming restaurants, and romantic hill-stations – but David Farrier disagrees. Claiming to have always been drawn to the ‘weirder’ side of life, the journalist ventures through war zones, disaster sites, haunted forests, and other morbid places, introducing the phenomenon of dark tourism to his audience.

Watch it here.

Photo: Courtesy of The Daily Beast

Conan Without Borders

For the History Buff

Conan O’Brien can do no wrong, and his show Conan Without Borders is no exception. The show features the television host engaging in “diplomacy through comedy” as he embarks on adventures in Cuba, Japan, Australia, Mexico, and more. Each visit sees him learn a little about the history of the locale, thereby educating us along the way – alongside serving up a dose of his signature humor, of course.

Watch it here.

Travel Shows Conan Without Border
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix


For the Adrenaline Junkie

Whether climbing to mountaintops is your passion or it’s something you’d never even dream of attempting, the breathtaking visuals in Mountain are sure to get adrenaline coursing through your body. Accented with passages from Mountains of the Mind, this documentary also begs the question: how far is too far in man’s obsession with reaching that summit?

Watch it here.

Travel Shows Mountain
Photo: Courtesy of Salt Magazine

Restaurants on the Edge

For the Insta-Obsessed

Just think of this Netflix original as a makeover show for restaurants that are on the verge of bankruptcy, but boast spectacular views. Rather aptly named, Restaurants on the Edge follows a restaurateur, a chef, and a designer as they remodel struggling businesses in an inspirational and upbeat way. If you’ve ever dined in an eatery based on how Instagrammable it is – and you know you have – this one’s for you.

Watch it here.

Photo: Courtesy of Decider

Night on Earth

For the Animal Lover

What does nighttime on our planet look like far, far away from the (formerly bustling) cities we reside in? This docuseries narrated by Samira Wiley of Orange Is the New Black fame explores the mammals, reptiles, and other forms of life that come alive as the sun goes down. Night on Earth beautifully captures the wonders of the nocturnal world that most of us will never be privy to.

Watch it here.

Travel Shows Night on Earth TBI Vision
Photo: Courtesy of TBI Vision

Coffee for All

For the Caffeine Junkie

An entire documentary dedicated to our favorite beverage? Sign us up. Coffee for All features, well, coffee, of course – but with an entirely unexpected angle. Focusing on suspended coffee, it highlights people in Naples, Buenos Aires, and New York who participate in this age-old Italian tradition and explain how it has changed their lives.

Watch it here.

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Tales by Light

For the Wandering Shutterbug

A joint venture between National Geographic and Canon, Australian documentary Tales by Light follows leading photographers – Darren JewKrystle Wright, and Art Wolfe included – as they travel to the world’s most untouched corners and push their limits in search of the perfect shot. This is visual storytelling at its finest.

Watch it here.

Travel Shows Tales By Light
Photo: Courtesy of Play Pilot
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