I Don’t: 13 Wedding Films for Brides Forced to Cancel Their Big Day

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Instead of doing what most brides-to-be should be doing two weeks before their big day – sifting through updos on Pinterest, stressing over flower arrangements, and obsessing over the cookie I just inhaled – I’m in the same pajamas I put on two days ago. And did I mention that my eyebrows have taken on a life of their own? Oh, and don’t even get me started on the bird’s nest forming at the back of my head.

Yes, like many, COVID-19 canceled my wedding. Instead of saying “I do”, I’ll be frantically trying to talk to someone – anyone – other than myself and, instead of celebrating, I’ll be deciding which sweatpants have the most give. So, this one’s in honor of all the brides-to-be who have been forced to postpone their big day and want to laugh, cry, and be reminded that some brides have it worse than us. Because although we can’t have our big day right now, sometimes it’s about us, okay?


My Best Friend's Wedding

No must-watch movie list is complete without a Julia Roberts classic, and it doesn’t get much better than My Best Friend’s Wedding. After realizing she’s head over heels for her best friend Michael (Dermot Mulroney), with whom she made a pact to marry if they were both still single at 28, Julianne (Roberts) sets out to sabotage his engagement to Kimberly (Cameron Diaz) and steal his heart. But does she succeed? That’s for you to find out. Expect twists and turns – and some major karaoke fails.

Watch it here.

my best friend's wedding bridal movie
Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

Mamma Mia!

What do you get when you pair a stellar cast (Meryl Streep and Colin Firth included) with an ABBA-centric soundtrack and Greek island setting? A must-watch musical if you’re currently engaged. Yes, there’s lots of singing and dancing, but there’s also a love ‘rectangle’ as bride-to-be Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) invites three of her mother’s ex-flames to her wedding to find out who her father really is. Okay, you have to endure Pierce Brosnan’s singing, but the wanderlust-worthy backdrop and upbeat music is bound to brighten your day. If this doesn’t get you off the couch and belting into your hairbrush, we don’t know what will.

Watch it here.


Father of the Bride

When you have Steve Martin and Diane Keaton playing the parents of the bride, you know you’re in for a winner. This feel-good 90s classic is all about (you guessed it) the father of the bride, who struggles to accept that his 22-year-old daughter is a grown woman and engaged. Whilst dealing with his reluctance to let her go, he also has to contend with an eccentric wedding planner, a house overrun by geese, and an arrest over hot dog buns. As the movie tagline says, “Love is wonderful. Until it happens to your only daughter.”

Watch it here.

Father of the Bride wedding movie
Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images


All brides know how important bridesmaids are, and what could possibly go wrong with having all your BFFs together? Well, according to this movie, a lot. We’re talking full-on feuds, a botched bachelorette party, an emergency landing, and a rather unfortunate incident involving food poisoning and a very expensive wedding dress. With a cast comprising of some of Hollywood’s funniest females – Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Rose Byrne – it’s a celebration of friendship that will have you crying with laughter and watching that airplane scene on repeat.

Watch it here.


Bride Wars

Speaking of bridal bust-ups, this comedy classic sees two best friends (Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway) put their relationship through the ultimate test after their weddings are booked at the same venue and on the same day – a.k.a. every bride’s worst nightmare. Both refuse to change their date, which kickstarts a full-on bride war full of sneaky sabotaging (read: tampering with hair dye and self-tan) as both brides battle it out for their dream wedding. And you thought you had problems.

Watch it here.


27 Dresses

Wearing a hideous bridesmaid’s dress once in your lifetime is one time too many, but 27 times? Yes, that’s how many dresses Jane Nichols (Katherine Heigl) has stashed away in her wardrobe. Accepting that she’ll always be a bridesmaid, never a bride, she can’t believe it when her unrequited love – who also happens to be her boss – falls for her sister and pops the question. While doing everything in her power to stop them from saying, “I do”, Jane meets a reporter (played by the rather handsome James Marsden), who uses her “perpetual bridesmaid” story for a story in his newspaper… but does she get a happy ending?

Watch it here.


The Proposal

Boy meets girl, they fall in love, boy proposes, and they live happily ever after. Well, not quite. More like boy hates his boss, but she needs a green card and forces him to marry her. This hilarious romcom might not be a classic love story, but the on-screen chemistry between Sandra Bullock (who plays the role of a pushy, terrifying boss perfectly) and Ryan Reynolds (who plays the poor guy she ensnares) is electrifying. Bonus: the films stars Betty White and you get to see Reynolds with his shirt off.

Watch it here.

the proposal best wedding movies
Photo: Courtesy of IMDb

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Arguably the best British romantic comedy of all time, Four Weddings and a Funeral has all the essential ingredients needed for a hit. Hugh Grant? Check. The eccentric vicar? Check. The kooky group of mismatched friends? Check. Following said group as they attend – you guessed it – four weddings and a funeral, committed bachelor Charles (Grant) falls for an American (Andie MacDowell) he meets at a wedding and spends a long time accepting that he might just be in love. This one’s equal parts heart-warming and quirky.

Watch it here.


The Five-Year Engagement

We all know that life sometimes gets in the way of important plans (the current global situation is proof), and it’s this exact problem that one couple (played by Emily Blunt and Jason Segal) keep facing. For five years. Whether it’s families, jobs, or frost-bitten toes, their wedding day is constantly delayed, testing their patience and their commitment to each other. But good things come to those who wait, right?

Watch it here.

the best wedding bridal movies
Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures

The Wedding Planner

The first rule of being a wedding planner: don’t fall for the groom. But when that groom happens to be played by Matthew McConaughey, who cares about the rulebook? Jennifer Lopez stars as a San Francisco-based wedding planner who lands the biggest job of her career, only to face the biggest love dilemma of them all. It might be cliché and a little predictable, but it’s bound to put a smile on your face – even if it’s just because of McConaughey’s sexy Southern drawl.

Watch it here.

the wedding planner bridal movie
Photo: Courtesy of Empire

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

With big families come big challenges, especially when you have a protective and close-knit Greek family to contend with. Not only did this indie film smash box office records around the world, but 18 years later, it’s still one of the most iconic wedding movies of all time. This coming-of-age story follows Toula, who finally breaks free from her smothering family and does the exact opposite of what they want – fall for an all-American high school teacher as opposed to a Greek man. But she doesn’t just find love, she finds herself, too. And yes, that is Aiden from Sex and the City. Swoon.

Watch it here.

my big fat greek wedding
Photo: Courtesy of Shutterstock

Made of Honor

It’s not often you have a male maid of honor, or one who’s in love with bride, but that’s exactly what you can expect from this romcom starring Patrick Dempsey. A man with a plan, he puts up with OTT bridal showers, bad hair days, and some seriously hostile bridesmaids in order to win the bride’s heart and secure his place at the right side of the aisle. You’re bound to fall in love with “McDreamy” all over again with this one.

Watch it here.


Muriel's Wedding

The movie that catapulted Toni Colette to fame, Muriel’s Wedding is a firm favorite amongst critics, and it’s not hard to see why. This 90s cult classic follows socially awkward Muriel (Colette) as she desperately tries to escape her dead-end hometown in Australia, where she spends her days holed up in her room listening to ABBA and dreaming of her own fairytale wedding. Going from never being taken on a date to stealing from her chauvinistic dad, she goes on the adventure of a lifetime, finding herself, friendship, and love along the way.

Watch it here.

muriel's wedding bridal movie
Photo: Courtesy of Miramax
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