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Any Friends fan worth their salt knows why Ross and Rachel were on a break, who Phoebe married on a snowy day, how Joey felt about sharing food, where Monica got stung by a jellyfish, and what Chandler did for a living – although that last one is still a bit of a head-scratcher. But what about everything that was going on behind the scenes?

For example, did you know that Matthew Perry dated one of the A-listers who guest starred on the show? Or that Matt LeBlanc needed the job more than any cast member? And that an actor who played a recurring character had a huge crush on Jennifer Aniston? Here, Savoir Flair reveals 25 facts covering everything from Emmy snubs and hair tales to dating woes and friends of Friends – all in honor of the show’s 25th anniversary, of course.


Titles considered for the show included Insomnia Cafe, Across the Hall, Friends Like Us, and Six of One.


Jennifer Aniston once referred to The Rachel as "the ugliest haircut I've ever seen".

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Matt LeBlanc had only $11 left in his bank account when he landed his role on 'Friends'.


The only Friend to have never received an Emmy nod for the show is Courteney Cox.


Matthew Perry was the only cast member allowed in writers' room as he'd help with jokes and punchlines.

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Lisa Kudrow frequently had to wear a wig or hairpiece because the producers felt her real hair was too short for the character of Phoebe.


Not only did David Schwimmer not have to audition for the role of Ross, but he was also was the first person cast on the show.


Richard Branson offered to fly the cast and crew first class to London on Virgin Atlantic in return for a cameo role, eventually playing a souvenir salesman.

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The character of Janice was inspired by a writer's ex who had bought him a lavish Christmas present months before the festive season, even though they had only gone out a couple of times.


Both, Estelle Leonard and the nurse who helped Carol give birth to Ben were played by actress June Gable.


James Michael Tyler​ – who played ​Gunther​ – has brown hair IRL, which means his hair was bleached every week for 10 years.

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​Bruce Willis played the role of Paul Stevens for free after losing a bet about the success of ​'The Whole Nine Yards'​ to Matthew Perry.​​​


Tate Donovan and Jennifer Aniston were breaking up IRL when he landed the role of Rachel's love interest, Joshua.


Cole Sprouse had a huge crush on Jennifer Aniston when he played Ben Geller from season six to eight.

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John Bennett Perry, who played Joshua’s dad in “The One with Rachel’s New Dress”, is Matthew Perry's father IRL.


Three cast members from 'The Simpsons' have appeared on 'Friends': Hank Azaria (David), Harry Shearer (Dr. Baldharar), and Dan Castellaneta (zoo employee).


Matthew Perry and Julia Roberts were dating IRL when she played Susie Moss in "The One After the Superbowl".

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Paul Rudd got the role of Mike Hannigan after a casting director described him with just one word in his notes: "dreamy".


Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer cried after filming the very emotional break-up between Rachel and Ross.


A HuffPost reporter went on a year-long quest to discover the identity of the actor who played Ugly Naked Guy: Jon Haugen.

Photo: Courtesy of HuffPost

Courtney Cox had a miscarriage just before filming the episode in which Rachel gives birth to Emma.


After unsuccessfully suggesting that Phoebe play the bongos, Lisa Kudrow worked with a guitar teacher to learn a handful of chords before declaring that she was done with lessons.


Ross saying the wrong name at his wedding to Emily was inspired by David Schwimmer accidentally saying “Rachel” while going through his lines in rehearsal.

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Joey and Monica were initially intended as the central couple, not Ross and Rachel.


Chandler and Phoebe were originally written as supporting roles – gasp!

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