These Have to Be the Best Celebrity Clapbacks at Trump of 2018

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President Donald Trumps tweets are practically what the facepalm emoji was made for. Misspelled, riddled with inaccuracies, and packed with falsehoods, his favorite way to communicate with the public also sets him up for constant, open ridicule. While this strange presidency has taken many twists and turns – which include a (current) total of 17 criminal and civil investigations as well as five guilty verdicts (so far) for ex-Trump aides – no one could’ve predicted just how much of a rollercoaster ride this whole thing would be.

All the while, Trump has been kept in check on social media by outspoken celebrities who have used their platform to clap back at his disastrous policies, fact-check his lies, and be a voice for the people harmed by his executive orders and legislation. Most of them approach the task with a sense of humor and wit, but occasionally, one also senses frustration behind their responses. Below are our seven favorites of 2018.


Alyssa Milano

Trump embarrassed himself mightily during a brief meeting with Queen Elizabeth II – although he barely noticed his own gaffe – when he wandered around aimlessly in front of her, seeming to ignore her presence altogether while she tried to maneuver around him. Actress and outspoken advocate for the #MeToo movement Alyssa Milano said it best when she tweeted this response:


Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen claps back at Trump all of the time, but this one – which is short, sweet, to the point, and absolutely blistering – is one of our favorites.


Stephen Colbert

When it comes to this presidency, the jokes practically write themselves, especially when there’s so much low-hanging fruit about. After making bizarre statements about how Finland “rakes” its forests to avoid forest fires, how California’s forest management was to blame for recent devastating fires, and other strange excuses that defy his own administration’s recent findings on climate change, Trump raised the ire of late night host Stephen Colbert, who attacked one of the President’s vulnerabilities in the segment below.


Katy Perry

Popstar Katy Perry also took issue with Trump’s blaming of California’s forest management for the deadly fires that swept the state in November, firing back a strongly worded tweet that reminded the president that this was decidedly not a partisan issue.


Mindy Kaling

When Trump declared that he could end the constitutional right to birthright citizenship – in other words, if you are born in the country you are automatically a citizen – with an executive order, Mindy Kaling took to Twitter to question the logic of the argument. Incidentally, he can’t.


Chris Evans

A ruthless response from Captain America left a major sting, especially because we’re pretty sure his intended target didn’t catch that subtle “Biff” reference to Back to the Future. Ouch.


J.K. Rowling

Another incredible smackdown came from across the pond when Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling sarcastically sized up Trump’s meltdown and mocked his unstable reaction to multiple federal investigations into his business dealings. Her pithy response was so good that some users dubbed her “the best at snark”, while others compared Trump to one of her nastiest characters, Dolores Umbridge. We actually think that comparison belongs to someone more apropos, like Betsey DeVos.

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