Everyone’s Still Talking About These Lebanese Weddings

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Photo: Courtesy of Pulse Production

The year is almost up, but certain wedding celebrations are still alive and well in our memories. And – as expected – many of them took place in Lebanon, featuring themes that ranged from diamonds and gemstones to Alice in Wonderland and Jungle of Love. Here, Sima El Solh, wedding consultant and founder of the @LebaneseWeddings account on Instagram, shares details on her ten favorite Lebanese weddings of 2018.


Alice Abdelaziz and Ali Tleiss

Wedding Planner: EYECANDY
Photographer: Brightlightimage Photography
Wedding Dress: Rami Kadi

Chocolate-filled mirrors and chandeliers, oversized mushrooms and teacups, and a wedding cake for the ages came together that night. For her wedding inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Lebanese social media star Alice Abdelaziz wore a masterpiece gown by Rami Kadi that was designed with neon and LED lights in the shape of hearts, pocket watches, and other magical features that perfectly matched the theme. Celebrity singers Nawal El Zoghbi and Nader Al Atat lit up the dance floor and made this night unforgettable.


Amal Chehadeh and Mohamad Aboukhodr

Wedding Planner: Mine Weddings & Events
Photographer: ParAzar Productions
Wedding Dress: Georges Hobeika

An enchanted garden set-up with rivers and fountains was built from scratch for this couple’s big day! From the hanging crystalized butterflies to the massive moving castle with 3D projection visuals, the wedding took things to an entirely new level. The bride sparkled in a couture bridal gown by Georges Hobeika, while a performance by singer Assi El Hellani helped make this celebration an unforgettable one.


Batoul Sayegh and Abbass Amer

Wedding Planner: Baz Events
Photographer: ParAzar Productions
Wedding Dress: Georges Hobeika

An oval-shaped venue filled with thousands of flowers was constructed especially for this wedding. Guests found themselves wandering in a fanciful forum full of heavenly and magical vibes before taking in the 3D mapping projection show as Batoul Sayegh made her grandiose entrance in a custom Georges Hobeika gown. Singer Joe Ashkar set the dance floor on fire after the larger-than-life wedding cake was cut.


Farah Arab and Mohamad Tinawi

Wedding Planner: Paul Nasr
Photographer: ParAzar Productions
Wedding Dress: Rami Kadi

Why book a venue when you can turn your home into one? Starting from scratch, Paul Nasr and his team transformed a tennis court into a purple floral wonderland. From her backyard, the gorgeous bride – embellished in a dreamy custom gown by Rami Kadi – came out in the most awe-inspiring way, complete with a dancing fountain show and colorful visuals. And with back-to-back shows and performances, guests (naturally) danced till dawn.


Hadil Saklawi and Ibrahim Nassour

Wedding Planner: Robert Hykl
Photographer: Candid Image
Wedding Dress: Georges Hobeika

Inspired by gemstones, this wedding reception featured built-in indoor fountains, waterfalls, and a lake alongside an exhibit of rough diamonds, oversized metal installations that looked like diamonds, and crystals that hung from the ceiling. A big white curtain was lifted to reveal the seating area, followed by guests making their way to their seats to the ethereal sounds of a grand orchestra. Hadil Saklawi appeared shining in a custom Georges Hobeika gown that was beaded from top to toe. And if all that wasn’t enough, singers Nancy Ajram and Joe Ashkar joined the party, too!


Israa Ahmad and Gilbert Haddad

Wedding Planner: Paul Nasr
Photographer: Brightlightimage Photography
Wedding Dress: Aden Fashion

So this is what happens when a wedding planner plans his own wedding! An incredible floral ceiling installation with thousands of fairy lights, steel walls filled with bold yellow flowers, and an outstanding lighting projection left everyone in awe. Israa Ahmad wore an embellished Aden Fashion gown, complementing it with a stunning headpiece. As for her epic bridal entrance? Israa appeared after a 3D mapping projection show of Cinderella’s carriage, making her fairytale dreams come to life.


Tamara Farra and Jad Hakim

Wedding Planner: Caractere
Photographer: ParAzar Productions
Wedding Dress: Zuhair Murad

Caractere executed an eccentric event that was phenomenal with the first-ever use of a hologram in a wedding! The bride picked holography as a theme, which was executed perfectly with a crazy architectural installation and geometric mirror patterns that reflected lights and colors. Complementing things with her captivating look, Lebanese influencer Tamara Farra shone in a couture Zuhair Murad gown and dreamy embroidered train. As for her sensational entrance, the bride’s hologram appeared on the venue’s different walls before she actually showed up, leaving everyone enraptured. Tinie Tempah, Cheb Khaled, and other big names surprised the guests and rocked this party till dawn.


Tamara Kalaawi and Bilal Ibrahim

Wedding Planner: Mine Weddings & Events
Photographer: Pulse Production
Wedding Dress: Elie Saab

Talk about a modern fairytale! Mine Weddings & Events pulled off a marvelous transformation, converting the venue into a contemporary space with a crazy ceiling installation and moving walls. Harmonizing with every little sparkle, an enormous crystal chandelier elegantly dropped from the ceiling that slid open, just in time for the gorgeous bride’s entrance. But that’s not all – Akon, Ragheb Alama, Assi Al Hallani, and Nader El Atat performed live that night. Guests also treated themselves to the customized candy and souvenir shop packed with personalized favors before leaving the wedding.


Zahra Amer and Mohamed Zein

Wedding Planner: Baz Events
Photographer: ParAzar Productions
Wedding Dress: Georges Chidiac

Baz Events created a pastel forest where the fantasy would come true. Thousands of blush flowers decorated the area while a massive crystal chandelier watched over the whole set-up, achieving the perfect balance between serenity and elegance. Zahra Amer’s bridal dress – designed by Georges Chidiac – complemented the overall ambiance with its endless bejeweled train.


Zeinab Taher and Khodor Fadlallah

Wedding Planner: Ghada Blanco
JRT Productions
Wedding Dress: Moe Shour

This wedding was themed Jungle of Love and put together perfectly by Ghada Blanco. The way the tropical colors blended together paved the way for other details to stand out, from flamingos and giant animals to leaves and colorful cages. The floors had an exotic floral print, numerous straw baskets with greenery were suspended from the ceiling – even the cake was inspired by the jungle and featured tropical elements. A 3D mapping show, meanwhile, helped transport guests into an enchanted jungle. Dressed in an exquisite gown by Moe Shour, Zeinab Taher looked absolutely fabulous amidst it all.

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