Who Knew Instagram Was a Hub for Call-Out Culture?

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Do you ever get pushed to the point where you snap and say what’s really on your mind? Probably not. In polite society, we’re taught to keep our (true) opinions to ourselves. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all,” is a flawed mindset left over from the rigid Victorian era. Shutting up in the face of inherently bad behavior only enables that behavior to continue – this is one lesson that the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have made abundantly clear. So, maybe it’s time for impolite society or, at the very least, a society that is emboldened to call out actions and practices that harm others.

Call-out culture – “cancel culture” as it is sometimes referred to – has become more prevalent the more connected we’ve become. It’s not that bad behavior has ramped up in the modern era; it’s that it’s far more visible. If one terrible, misguided opinion goes viral, it could very well ruin someone’s reputation. The downside is that humans and their opinions/beliefs change over time, so “cancelling” someone based off a single bad moment doesn’t represent justice served. However, we can’t help but be fascinated by call-out culture, especially as it applies to the worlds of celebrity and fashion.

For decades, we’ve inflated the stature of celebrities to god-like proportions – a patently absurd practice that deifies mortal, fallible humans and treats them like they’re above reproach. We worship their beauty and their bodies, and give them a pass when it comes to holding terrible opinions or treating others like objects. We take photoshopped, airbrushed images of these celebrities and compare ourselves to them, forcing an unnatural beauty standard. We witness fashion designers blatantly rip each other off and still buy their products.

Despite its flaws, call-out culture is necessary for holding up a mirror to society, for holding people accountable for their actions and deceptions. No one is immune anymore, and that’s not a bad thing. If you’re obsessed with call-out culture, these are three Instagram accounts worth following, but we’d also like to remind readers to take it all with a grain of salt. No one on earth has perfect judgment.  



“WELCOME TO REALITY,” is the bold statement that greets visitors to @CelebFace’s (private) Instagram page. The reality in question? What celebrities really look like without the aid of Photoshop. The page, which bluntly posts side-by-side comparisons and then animates the changes between the photos for a clear view of what was altered, targets everyone from the Kardashians and Victoria’s Secret supermodels to Instagram fitness models.

It also posts extreme close-ups of male and female celebrities that give a clear view of how much makeup they are wearing, and post proof to the contrary when celebrities claim that they never had plastic surgery. No one is safe from the eagle-eyed gaze behind this account. Oddly enough, we experienced a strange sense of relief when viewing just how much celebrities FaceTune or Photoshop their red-carpet images because it illustrates how everyone, even the most beautiful people on earth, feel pressured to conform to a certain standard of beauty.

CelebFace Kim Kardashian
Photo: Courtesy of @CelebFace


If you’ve ever wondered how celebrities really feel about each other, @CommentsbyCelebs is a must-follow. This highly entertaining Instagram account shows a full spectrum of celebrity reactions, clapbacks, and comments to and about each other. Some posts capture celebrities brilliant responses to trolls (Julia Roberts and Kate Beckinsale continuously win at this game), while others capture snide remarks and lots of shady-shade.

What this Instagram account has taught us is that celebrities are human, too – they read the comments, they get their feelings hurt. Before you pop off about someone’s looks, outfits, or expressions, you might think twice before you end up on the receiving end of a dressing down that the whole world will see.


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If you got caught cheating off your lab partner’s paper in school, you would face major consequences, so why is that fashion designers get away with copying each other? Well, thanks to @Diet_Prada, they’re not getting away with it anymore. The original call-out account has been instrumental in addressing some of fashion’s nastiest problems and practices, from its lack of diversity to its copycatting nature. The account has also called out publications that choose to continue working with abusive photographers, and uses its platform to elevate the stories of women in the industry who have #MeToo stories to tell.

Sharp, unforgiving critiques of designers have made the duo behind Diet Prada famous enough that they’re now invited to sit at many Fashion Week shows, where they get a front-row seat to the action. While they are certainly gifted at pointing out who’s stealing from whom, they aren’t completely infallible with their approach and sometimes credit the wrong designer for the original idea. Regardless, they are a valuable voice in the fashion industry and have played an important role in ensuring designers perform due diligence.

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