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what to do in dubai april 2018
Photo: Courtesy of Katerina Radvanska

“Five-day weekend” were the words on everyone’s minds all month long – until the Eid Al Adha holiday was announced for the private sector, that is.

While many of us have had to cancel our plans to travel on impulse, the good news it that there are plenty of new openings in Dubai and beyond: a stripped-back hotspot inspired by the underground clubs of London, a 12,000-square-feet food hall by a celebrity chef, and a new tour company that allows you to drive your own boat. Here, Savoir Flair shares details on three other venues – one in each of the three major cities – that are worthy of a visit over the three-day holiday next week.


Summer in Dubai means weekends spent at the cinema, so why should a three-day holiday be any different? Enter: the mysterious-sounding ‘ScreenX’ at Reel CinemasThe Dubai Mall. The 270-degree cinema is the first of its kind in the country as this multi-projection screening system features a panoramic screen on the walls that are on either side of the 170 seats, making it perfect for horror movies and action flicks. Along with 4DX, the format also includes motion and environmental effects.

What this means for you, the viewer, is encountering a very big-toothed Megalodon shark on the floor of the Pacific Ocean alongside Jason Statham and Ruby Rose – because summer blockbuster The Meg is currently showing at ScreenX, of course.

Buy your tickets here.

himalaya in screenx
Photo: Courtesy of Variety


There was a collective sigh of disappointment when our hopes for a five-day weekend were dashed, but a brand new getaway by the name of Kingfisher Lodge – complete with luxurious tents, private pools, bespoke dining experiences, and a wellness spa – on the east coast of Sharjah is more than making up for it.

The one-of-its-kind property is also ideally suited to outdoorsy types as nature thrives in Kalba (an exclave of the city where the retreat is located), so you can take up a whole host of activities here such as trekking, fatbiking, bird-watching, stand-up paddleboarding, and more. Overlooking the Indian Ocean, Kingfisher Lodge neighbors bountiful mangroves where turtles, gazelles, and rare bird species have created their very own sanctuary. It’s therefore committed to conserving and restoring; picnics are arranged with recycled containers, use of plastic is minimized across the premises, and toiletries are housed in bottles made of a bio-degradable material.

Book your tent here.

Photo: Courtesy of Kingfisher Lodge

Abu Dhabi

Day 3 of the public holiday is the perfect time to venture over to the capital to explore the newly opened Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, especially as many of the country’s residents traveling translates to fewer crowds to manoeuvre. Not only does its 1.65 million-square-feet size make it one of the biggest, fully air-conditioned indoor theme parks in the world, but it’s also the first ever Warner Bros.-branded indoor theme park.

And if that alone doesn’t pique your curiosity, maybe this will: six uniquely themed lands – Art-Deco inspired ‘Warner Bros Plaza’, Stone Age-adventure ‘Bedrock’, color and chaos at ‘Dynamite Gulch’, land of whimsy ‘Cartoon Junction’, the dark and gloomy streets of ‘Gotham City’, and home of Justice League Heroes ‘Metropolis’ – collectively host 29 state-of-the-art rides, interactive family-friendly attractions, and live entertainment starring all those characters you idolized as a kid. And if that won’t provide nearly enough in the way of sensory overload, there are also 17 restaurants and 15 retail stores to keep you satiated.

Buy your tickets here.

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi
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