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Dina Dahmash, one half of the duo behind End Design Studio, opens the doors to her family home in Dubai.

When it comes to quirky, eclectic homes, the Dahmash family home steals the crown. With a business portfolio that includes The Rug Company and Andrew Martin and a family member with a penchant for interior design, we wouldn’t expect any less. Dina Dahmash, co-founder of London-based End Design Studio, and her business partner Natasha Temple offer us a peek into the Dahmash family home.

Before being business partners, the two of you are friends. Tell us more about your friendship?

Natasha: We met when we were 12, in high school, and have been best friends ever since. We have very different personalities, Dina being loud and eccentric and me more laid back and quiet, but I guess that’s what makes us the perfect team!

How did the idea for EDS come about? What was your goal in setting up the company?

Dina: Both Tash and I have always dreamt of setting up our own interior design studio. Having had the right experience in the industry and worked on a few individual freelance projects, we found the opportunity to come together and create End Design Studio. We felt that the interior design market lacked young and edgy companies with original ideas that we hope to provide through EDS.

How does the dynamic of the relationship work in a business environment? Who takes care of what?

Natasha: I think that it varies from project to project, but generally I enjoy sourcing furniture and fabrics and Dina probably spends more time on the architectural design of our projects.

What is your design aesthetic?

Natasha: We both have original styles. Mine is more contemporary and Dina’s is more eclectic, so our tastes come together nicely to create a unique and balanced style.

What services do you offer through EDS?

Dina: We offer an interior design and architectural service for residential and commercial projects. In addition, we offer an event design service for special events.

What does a day in your lives look like?

Natasha: Our days are fast-paced. From sourcing furniture, fabrics, and finishes to creating boards and drawings for our clients, it is always hectic in our studio. When we’re working outside of the office we’re usually spending time with our clients, involving them in the project at hand as much as possible.

We’ve just shot you in the Dahmash family home, which Dina decorated. Dina, what rooms or items in this house best reflect your design aesthetic?

Dina: The living area downstairs is the perfect example of my type of design aesthetic. I enjoy collecting pieces from all around the world, and have had so much fun creating an eclectic and colorful atmosphere.

What is your favorite room in the house?

Dina: My bedroom has got to be my favorite room in the house. It is where I get to spend some time with myself and relax.

Where does your family spend most of its time together? Did you take that into consideration when designing the space?

Dina: The family spends most of the time in the TV room. We each have our own spot assigned; my dad’s being the famous orange chair! The function of the room is always something we take into consideration when designing the space. In this case, we considered comfort but also added a vibrant atmosphere in order to send out positive energy within the space.

What’s on the horizon for EDS?

Natasha: We are currently working on both commercial and residential projects in Dubai and in London. We hope to grow over the next few years, building our name in the industry worldwide.

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