We’ve Found the Definitive Spot for a Girls’ Night Out – and It’s Pink

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Flamingo Room dubai interiors
Photo: Courtesy of Flamingo Room

“I always say, it’s like putting your feet up on an insanely expensive couch,” is how Natasha Sideris describes the sophisticated yet relaxed ambience at Flamingo Room in Jumeirah Al Naseem.

The founder, managing executive, and creative director of the newly opened restaurant is the talent behind the immensely popular outposts of Tashas in Dubai and South Africa. Flamingo Room is her third venture in the city, and we’re officially touting this dining concept as the definitive spot to host a girls’ night out in Dubai. Here, Savoir Flair lists seven reasons why.


Seeing Pink

Pink walls, pink tables, pink seating, pink ceiling – we’ll shamelessly admit that this is what prompted our love at first sight. Adding more personality to the already stunning setting are potted plants, gleaming gold accents, turquoise bar stools, zebra-print chairs, and a gorgeous marble floor.

pink sofas gold wall flamingo room
Photo: Courtesy of @Askew82

Details, Details, Details

Blink-and-you-miss-it details come in the form of miniature meerkats by Donald Greig, starfish-embellished cushions, flamingo-stamped butter, and elements reminiscent of the flora and fauna in Africa. The botanical-inspired lighting overhead is particularly intriguing, so don’t forget to look up.

flamingo room ceiling lighting-minflamingo room ceiling lighting-min
Photo: Courtesy of @Askew82


Ricotta hotcakes with fresh berries, honeycomb crème, and a lime and honey drizzle for breakfast. Mussels with crème fraîche and grilled garlic bread for lunch. Lobster topped with tarragon and brioche crumbs for dinner. There’s a multitude of reasons to return to the restaurant at different times of the day, with the extensive menu of elevated classics being the definitive one on this list.


mussels with garlic bread flamingo room dubai
Mussels Marinière | Photo: Courtesy of @FlamingoRoomByTashas

Guilt Not Included

If you’re getting the girls together for a night out, chances are that at least one of them is currently on a vegan/vegetarian/no-carb/dairy-free/gluten-free diet. Luckily, the chefs have created the menu with picky palates and dietary restrictions in mind, so you’ll see wholesome options such as ‘Green Bowl with Poached Egg’ alongside ‘Nutella French Toast Puffs’ on the breakfast menu, and a host of soups and salads in the mains.

green breakfast bowl flamingo room dubai
Green Bowl | Photo: Courtesy of @FlamingoRoomByTashas

When Calories Don't Count

You know those desserts that taste as good as they look on Instagram? Well, Flamingo Room has them in spades. The chocolate mousse “for the table” is designed to share and is an easy crowd-pleaser every time, but if you’re feeling adventurous post-dinner, order the ‘Tropical Flamingo’. The dish pairs pineapple granita with liquid marshmallow, coconut crumble, pineapple and chilli confit, and chantilly cream for a dessert that has an unexpected kick.

Orange Millefeuille dessert flamingo room dubai
Orange Millefeuille | Photo: Courtesy of @FlamingoRoomByTashas

Men Need Not Apply

The predominantly girly drinks menu is an extensive one, with freshly squeezed juices, granitas, summer carafes, and cordials all making an appearance. Start with the ‘Turkish Delight’, a bright-pink concoction featuring rose syrup, cranberry juice, soda water, cubes of Turkish delight, and pistachio nuts. Looking to caffeinate? Order the Nutella-doused espresso shot, and thank us later.

cherry cobbler flamingo room dubai
Cherry Cobbler | Photo: Courtesy of @FlamingoRoomByTashas

Because Why Not?

Onsite is an outpost of Collective by Charles Greig Africa, a unique concept store that “celebrates an Africa that is sensual, multitalented, and at the cutting edge of global design”. Exuding an air of glamour, the space stocks everything from vibrantly printed kaftans and dainty jewelry to designer objets d’art to cater to the very natural impulse of ending the evening with a little retail therapy.

collective store at flamingo room
Photo: Courtesy of @Collective_By_Charles_Greig
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