Tour India’s Most Intriguing Region with a Man Who Has Done His Research

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indian man walking ancient door MONTROI RAJASTHAN 7
Photo: Courtesy of Montroi

If wanderlust is a never-ending path, then exotic India is the next milestone on it, courtesy of Level Shoes. The footwear haven has had tongues wagging amongst fashion girls and travel buffs alike with its ‘Dear India’ collection, a luxe love letter to a fascinating country that sits on virtually everyone’s travel bucket list – and for good reason.

The Taj Mahal – arguably the greatest romantic gesture in history – is a must-visit for anyone who takes an interest in architectural marvels. Outdoor enthusiasts will take to the stunning scenery of the Himalayan mountain range, Goa is perfect for those seeking a beachside slice of dolce far niente, and Mumbai has mastered the art of colorful city life. And then there’s Rajasthan.

This vast state in the northwest of India is brimming with intrigue as a result of countless forts, palaces, shrines, temples, and monuments, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of India. To discover the very best of the best that Rajasthan has to offer, Savoir Flair tapped Enrique Hormigo, founder of Montroi, a Dubai-based brand that “celebrates nomadism” through fragrances, curated city guides, and hand-crafted leather travel accessories. Read on to tour the region through his eyes.


Darikhana is one of the best restaurants in India, and one of Montroi’s favorites. Located in RAAS Jodhpur hotel, it blends traditional and contemporary features, and boasts great views over an ancient fort. The restaurant is magically illuminated by night, creating a truly memorable evening.

For a change of pace, head to Anokhi Café. It serves light, healthy international cuisine and delicious desserts – and no Indian food. The interiors are calming, with soft natural light peeking through the hut-style roof, making it a breath of fresh air away from the stressful environment of Jaipur. Most of the food here is organic, locally grown, and served the same day it is picked, so freshness is guaranteed.”

Darikhana Restaurant Outdoor raas hotel india-min
Darikhana restaurant | Photo: Courtesy of RAAS


Sher Bagh really is a Montroi hotel. Placed in the middle of nature, it’s very quiet, very pleasant, and on the border of Ranthambore National Park. From there, a safari during the day is recommended, while a campfire in the moonlight makes for the perfect finale. The hotel’s tents are extremely comfortable, and its restoration has been tastefully done.

Similarly, Lebua Resort may not be the most talked-about hotel in Rajasthan, but it got Montroi talking. Nestled in the Aravalli Range of mountains, this palatial resort is identified by its brick-red buildings juxtaposed against stretches of green grass. Its remote location – just how remote will be revealed on the bumpy ride there – will grant some long-awaited peace and quiet.”

sher bagh hotel rajasthan india
Sher Bagh Hotel | Photo: Courtesy of Sujan


The Gem Palace in Jaipur is Rajasthan’s best when it comes to high-quality precious stones that last a lifetime. It’s enjoyable perusing through its valuable collections that range from traditional craftsmanship to contemporary designs. Plenty of India’s most treasured jewels are also displayed in this illustrious boutique, some of which belonged to the Maharaja, so it will leave a lasting impression even if you’re just looking. Luckily, there are no large crowds here as most tourists don’t know of it.”


jewelry from the gem palace barneys NY
Photo: Courtesy of Barneys New York


“The architecture of Gyan Museum is magical and creates the mood of a dark and surprising treasure cave straight out of Aladdin. This intimate architectural space displays an important collection of jewelry, swords, ceremonial textiles, boardgames, spectacles, and gem-carved sculptures – and it’s not to be missed.

Situated in the city of Amer, historic stepwell Panna Meena Ka Kund’s architecture and pond are very interesting, with Amber Fort conveniently located en route. A camera is required; it’s almost as if time has stopped here. Chand Baori is a similar but bigger stepwell in the village of Abhaneri, and shows the architectural strength of the past. Going early in the morning is recommended as there aren’t many tourists at that time.”

artifact at gyan museum jaipur india
Photo: Courtesy of Gyan Museum
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