Jessica Wazen Takes Us into Her Refreshingly Unique Wedding

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jessica wazen wearing wedding crown 2
Photo: Courtesy of ParAzar Productions

She took only four months to plan her big day, admits to “dreading the flower part”, and jokes about having preferred a “cauliflower bouquet” as she’s a chef by profession. Can we just go ahead and say it: Jessica Wazen sounds like the most refreshing bride we’ve seen in a while.

If her last name rings a bill, you’re on the right track – Jessica is the younger sister of Karen Wazen. The style influencer’s adorable twin daughters Karlie and Kay served as Jessica’s flower girls on the big day, which took place on May 21st in the city of Mansourieh Bhamdoun, about a 30-minute drive from Beirut. Only two weeks were allocated to building the wedding venue from scratch – an impressive feat considering there were nearly 1,500 guests in attendance.

“The first moment that I arrived at the ceremony and saw the number of guests waiting is easily my favorite moment of the night,” shares Jessica. Here, she reveals a selection of stunning photographs taken by ParAzar Productions and the must-know details about her wedding exclusively to Savoir Flair.

jessica wazen wedding walking down aisle
Photo: Courtesy of ParAzar Productions

The Setting

Behind the scenes of her beautiful wedding set-up, Jessica had at her disposal a secret weapon in the form of her mother Nada, who just happens to be an architect. “That made me the luckiest bride! She helped make all my wedding wishes come true. Everything was drawn and sketched in detail, from corner to corner,” says Jessica.

“We created a sort of garden with tables and chairs in wrought iron, customized white gates that opened to let guests in, and a fountain where the welcome drinks were served. The area was surrounded by walls that contained windows projecting people moving inside them to make it more lively.”

jessica wazen wedding tables
Photo: Courtesy of ParAzar Productions

The Dress

“Both my crown and my wedding dress were designed by Dolce & Gabbana.”

jessica wazen wedding dress
Photo: Courtesy of ParAzar Productions

The Flowers

The self-professed “atypical flower girl” trusted her florist, Ikebana by Roni Bassil, to work his magic. “I let him decide what type of bridal boutique would suit me best, with peonies emerging as the winner – the perfect choice for springtime. I prefer not to mix flowers within bouquets and like to see each flower on its own, so I grouped different varieties of purple flowers on their own in my home. We ended up using pink hydrangeas and mainly greenery and a few white roses for the tables, while the church ceremony featured only white roses.”

jessica wazen table decor wedding flowers
Photo: Courtesy of ParAzar Productions

The Food

With a large number of people to cater, Jessica turned to Saveur Plus Catering to provide a varied menu with both Lebanese and international cuisine. “The welcome drinks were accompanied by saj, manakish, and a tacos station alongside a charcuterie, cheese, and grissini bar. For dinner, there was everything from the traditional kharouf and asafir to Italian truffle pasta, a large fresh seafood corner, a paella station, a barbecue station, and lobster rolls. Dessert consisted of a very pretty display of cakes and croquembouche, lots of seasonal fruits, ice cream, and a Lebanese sweets station – I made sure the buffet area was the most important part of the evening!”

jessica wazen wedding buffet
Photo: Courtesy of ParAzar Productions

The Cake

“My wedding cake was inspired by Dolce & Gabbana, rife with prints and colors.”

jessica wazen wedding cake
Photo: Courtesy of ParAzar Productions

Expecting the Unexpected

Recalling the unexpected elements of her wedding day, both good and bad, Jessica tells Savoir Flair about the terrible storm that struck the night before her wedding. “It flew away most of the set-up that had been built, so the tables and chairs weren’t set up until only a couple of hours before we got to the venue! Those two weeks of preparation that we had were only left down to about six hours on the day of the wedding. I am so grateful to all the suppliers for their help and precision.”

jessica wazen wedding night shot
Photo: Courtesy of ParAzar Productions

Looking Back

“Now that I have experienced being a bride, I would advise brides-to-be to not stress and only work with people you trust – they’ll help remove a heavy load off your shoulders. Oh, and make sure you wear comfortable shoes! Thankfully, my sister Andrea is a great shoe designer.”


jessica wazen wedding karen wazen
Photo: Courtesy of ParAzar Productions
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