Are Instagrammers Taking the Skittles Slogan a Little Too Literally?

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Photo: Courtesy of @LauraFruitFairy

The “Taste the Rainbow” catchphrase represents one of the quirkiest and longest running campaigns in the history of advertising – you only have to watch a handful of Skittles commercials on YouTube to see just how bizarre some of them were, particularly those running in the late 1990s. Clearly, the world couldn’t get enough of the colorful candy and its adverts.

And it seems that as a generation of Instagrammers, our obsession with all things 90s includes a thing for rainbow-colored foods. First, it was unicorn shakes, which looked like an explosion of pastel colors within a mason jar. Then, it became rainbow bagels, courtesy of The Bagel Store in Brooklyn that started it all. Now, we’re carrying the craze over to our smoothie bowls, salads, sandwiches, and even sushi rolls.

While the appeal of rainbow-colored foods may lie in just how Instagrammable they are – as proven by Savoir Flair’s edit below – we (unknowingly) may be onto something. Health experts agree that the vibrant colors of fruits and vegetables actually indicate the disease-fighting phytonutrients contained within. Just bear in mind that the same can’t be said about meals that come with an abundant scattering of rainbow sprinkles.

Tricolor Rainbow Smoothie Parfait with Organic Banana, Strawberry and Crunchy Passionfruit Granola.💗💚💛 – More rainbow food to the people. I get happy just by the look of the beautiful and diverse colors of “rainbow food”! This parfait is made of three different kinds of smoothies; pink = raspberry & strawberry. Yellow = mango & banana. Green = Green Peas, Apple & Spinach. This vegan raw smoothie parfait cheers up my morning like nothing else!☺️☀️🌈 – What are you eating for breakfast this Sunday?☺️ – Don’t forget to enter my 8K shoutout party! • Follow me. • Repost or recreate any of my recipes (be creative). • Hashtag #100Ks8k and mention + tag me in the photo. • Enter as many times as you want. • Be Creative!☺️❤️ – NEW BLOGPOST w recipe 👉 (Link in my bio). – – – – #100kitchenstories#breakfast#feedfeed#beautifulcuisines#frukost#ahealthynut#letscookvegan#foodvsco#smoothie#rainbow#rainbowfood#bestofparfait @beautifulcuisines @a.healthy.nut @thefeedfeed.vegan @thefeedfeed @foodvsco @letscookvegan @veganheroes @bestofvegan @smoothiebowls @smoothieplanet @smoothiebowl @befitsmoothies @thrivemags #foodphoto #foodspo #foodinsta #health#healthy #vegan #foodblogger #nyttigt#mat#välmående#recipe#gloobyfood#rawfood#foodblogfeed#smoothiebowl

A post shared by 100KS By Paulina Suonvieri (@100kitchenstories) on

BUDDHA BOWLS✨🌿 Raw carrot falafels with zucchini noodles, yellow capsicum, carrot, purple cabbage, @greenstkitchen Thai chilli + galangal kimchi + @mayversfood tahini drizzled on top 👌🙌 Served in my new favourite, handmade bowl. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at pottery, it’s at the top of my ‘to do’ list, right behind travelling the world 🌟✨ Also, pretending to be a coaster is my @ohhellohenryx makeup wipes for my #zerowaste living collection. I do a little celebratory dance every time I replace a single use item (like makeup wipes) with something more sustainable. Are you trying to live more waste free? And what do you struggle most with in your zero waste journey? #buddhabowl #falafel #rawfood

A post shared by RAWPUBLIC (@rawpublic_) on

End of financial year super sandwich time. ✌🏻🌈 This is my absolute favourite flavour combo starting with a generous amount of vegenaise, veggies including purple carrots, purple cabbage (some blanched and sprinkled with bicarbonate soda to turn it blue), baby spinach, baby cucumbers, rocket (arugula) and jalapeños (essential), squash, more carrots, red capsicum (bell pepper) beetroot and creamy beetroot hummus. 👍🏻🌈🌟#vegan #rawvegan #plantbased #veganofig #cleaneating #detox #healthy #eathealthy #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #healthykids #lovefood #weightloss #detoxfood #fitnessfood #fitnessmeals #bestofvegan #eattherainbow #sandwich #supersandwich #TheWeekOnInstagram #eatyourveggies #rainbowsandwich #rainbowfood #eofy #pride #lovewins #equality #pridemonth

A post shared by F I O N A S H E P P A R D (@rawcrush) on

If THIS is what breakfast looks like in Bali, then I gotsta gooooo!!! #RainbowFood #UnicornFood #Breakfast #PrettyBreakfast #PrettyFood

A post shared by Hayley Starr Keenan 👅🌈 (@hayleystarrkeenan) on

Who said porridge had to be boring?🦄 @juutlovesfood created this colorful recipe using our Blue Spirulina 💙

A post shared by Unicorn Superfoods 🦄 (@unicornsuperfoods) on

This looks like a dream 😍🌈💖

A post shared by @superfoodhair on

Every color of the rainbow 💙💚💛💜

A post shared by ECCO Hospitality (@eccohospitality) on

#Repost @lunchesandlittles ・・・ Aren’t these beautiful? They’re delicious too! 🙌🏻🌈😊 – When I set out to make these Rainbow Spring Rolls with my oldest son, I didn’t expect him to be too excited about eating them up. I was just hopeful that he would be willing to try them. However, him making them with me and my allowing him to be such a part of that process really won him over. He was so excited to roll them up “like tacos” as he said, and when we were about halfway through rolling, he was already asking, “Can I try them yet Mom?” Of course, my answer was YES! 🙌🏻😊😍 Packed with fruits and veggies, I loved that he was so excited to eat up such a healthy dish! – Find the recipe and more details for these rainbow beauties over on @thelandofnod’s blog, Honest to Nod. Live now! (link temporarily in my profile above) – #landofnod #thelandofnod #biobubyekobo #rainbow #feedfeed #glutenfree #vegan #vegankids #springrolls #thrivemags #recipe #food52 #thenewhealthy #kidapproved #yahoofood #kidfood #thekitchn #goopmake #eeeeeats #huffpostfood #onthetable #toddlermeals #toddlermealideas #rainbowfood #unicornfood

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