These Will Be 2018’s Top Wedding Trends (According to 3 Women in the Know)

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As 2017 slowly draws to a close, many amongst us are still talking about the weddings that dominated both our calendars and our social-media feeds this past year. Here at Savoir Flair, however, we’re already looking to the future. With that in mind, we sat down with three wedding-industry insiders for a chat to envision what weddings will look like in 2018.

Below, Kylie Carlson (CEO of Arabian Academy of Wedding & Event Planning), Rhiannon Downie-Hurst (founder of Bride Club ME and consultant to wedding industry professionals), and Joelle Clute (stylist and Founder of My Lovely Wedding) reveal all.


Crazy for Cozy

“The hygge trend has been big in 2017 for interior design, and it is now trickling into weddings. It is the Danish word for the art of building a sense of sanctuary and the feeling of warmth and coziness – think: candles, greenery, foliage, natural elements, and artisan woodwork.”

Hygge Wedding Inspiration tabletop accents
Photo: Courtesy of Bridal Musings

Prickly Pieces

“Move over succulents, and enter the cactus. This thorny and prickly desert plant is making its presence known in wedding décor. It makes a great statement piece as part of an aisle backdrop or simply the table centerpiece – the possibilities are endless and it works with the current greenery and nature trends beautifully.”

cactus wedding table centerpiece
Photo: Courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes

Going Green

“A catering trend that is set to be big in 2018 is the vegan menu. No longer intended to be a substitute, it is making its way into the spotlight as the main feature. With one in ten millennials now choosing to be vegan or vegetarian, it’s no surprise that couples are embracing the idea of a vegan – or partially vegan – menu.”

vegan wedding buffet table-min
Photo: Courtesy of Jennie Cooks

Forces of Nature

“The psychotropical trend is one set to be huge in fashion next year. The concept marries hyper reality with nature, resulting in vivid, saturated colors and synthetic botanical motifs. We predict seeing this trend follow through in wedding and event design for 2018/2019, with a new take on the tropical vibes that have been popular over the past few years.”

Psychotropical print trend 2018jpg
Photo: Courtesy of Abigail Wilkin

Sparkle and Shine

“We’ve seen iridescent finishes feature in home décor, fashion, and even makeup during 2017 – and we predict it going more mainstream in the world of weddings and events in 2018. You can create an ethereal, other-worldly mood with electroplated flatware, futuristic glassware, and pearlescent linens and backdrops.”

sputnik gold wedding cake
Photo: Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

High and Mighty

“In 2018, tall and high floral arrangements will be back with a vengeance. Trumpet vases, hanging florals, and bold floral designs will be a big hit, especially here in the UAE, where weddings are often big and bold. Hanging structures and signs adorned with pretty blooms will be a hot trend continued from 2017.”

Flower Canopy wedding reception area close up
Photo: Courtesy of Bridal Musings

Hints of Hues

“This year’s color is green, and it’s been a big hit so far. Using foliage at outdoor weddings is almost a must-do now, and I don’t see the trend going anywhere anytime soon. Blush-pink teamed with gold has been around for a while now too, as it’s proving to be a bridal favorite. However, I’d love to see more color – perhaps pops of yellow and brighter tones used in floral arrangements. The use of colorful tableware, particularly glass goblets, is also becoming popular and I really hope this trend continues into 2018.”

bride holding yellow flower wedding bouquet
Photo: Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings
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