4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Make the World a Better Place for Women

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We Should All Be Feminists
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Globalization connected the world, but it also made it painfully obvious that there is a huge sector of the global population that struggles daily. Prior to globalization, the female experience was more insular and guarded, but now the internet has exposed the treatment of women on a universal scale, making it necessary to band together to make a change.

For instance, according to the UN, one in three women around the world experiences violence in her lifetime, which is a shocking and disheartening statistic. Furthermore, women work more than men for less wages, and experience illiteracy at higher rates than men. However, there is tons of proof that, when women have good jobs and are given a good education and access to medical care, the economy grows exponentially. Not only does it make sense factually on paper to support women, but it does emotionally as well.

Women are the driving engine of the world, and it’s pretty upsetting that in 2018 we’re still fighting for equality, and even more dismal that there are so many powers that be that are actively moving against women’s interests around the world. At Savoir Flair, we champion women’s rights and firmly believe that #WeShouldAllBeFeminists. If you’re wondering what you can do right now to make the world a better place for women, allow us to make a few suggestions.


Support Women Who Are Spearheading Political and Social Efforts

In the Year of Zayed, giving back is a paramount virtue. One way to make the world a better place for women is to support activists, philanthropists, and celebrities who are already out there doing the work. For example, the youngest Nobel Prize Laureate in history, Malala Yousafzai, survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban in order to bring her message of advocating for women’s education rights to the world. Now, she runs Malala Fund, which supports education for women in developing countries, with a goal to raise $10 million for its Gulmakai Network of educators. Donating to the Malala Fund will help the network achieve its goals of providing 12 years of education for every girl in countries like Afghanistan and Nigeria.

Women for Women International is another amazing organization helping women in war-torn countries by giving them safe spaces and resources to learn vocations. They also learn skills in the arena of health and nutrition and are taught their legal rights so that they may positively impact their families and communities.

Likewise, the Global Fund for Women argues that women’s rights are fundamental human rights and aims to end discrimination and violence towards women, female enslavement, and other abysmal conditions that many women endure in third-world countries and beyond. Locally, the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children works exhaustively to provide protection and support for women who have experienced domestic violence, offers emergency shelters for women and children, and fights sex trafficking and abuse. Consider donating your time or money to the foundation’s vital work.


Stop Waging "War" Against Other Women

One of the most insidious things the media does to women is pit them against each other. How many times have you read headlines that screamed, “A Timeline of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift’s Feud” or “How Does Selena Gomez Feel about Bella Hadid’s #RevengeBody”? *Insert eye-roll emoji here.*

Seriously, how banal is the idea that women have to be in constant competition with each other, especially when it comes to fighting over men? Puh-leaze. As if a woman’s true worth could be reduced to such measures.

When women are still fighting for equal wages and access to adequate medical care even in first-world countries like the US, could we just all agree that woman vs. woman crimes need to cease and desist? If you want to make the world a better place for women, pledge right now to stand by the sisterhood when it matters most – which is right now and always until the end of time.

Queen Rania with with the ladies of Sayyidat Nashmiyyat Group
Photo: Courtesy of @QueenRania

Throw Your Own Fundraiser

Instead of donating money to a worthy organization, you could take up the banner of a cause that is close to your heart and throw your own fundraiser. Be it raising money for breast cancer awareness or for a local cause like the aforementioned Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, there are endless possibilities for where to donate the funds you raise. Start by establishing the cause, then recruit other women to help you throw a fun-filled event to raise money. If you need help, refer to this awesome step-by-step guide.

Top tip: Don’t forget to check local legislation before embarking on any fundraising initiative.


Mentor Someone

If you have a highly specialized skill, a really cool job, or covetable societal access, you could use your abilities for good by choosing to mentor someone. Whether you open yourself up to mentorship opportunities by posting an offer on social media or partner with a mentorship program like Reach in Dubai, you are poised to make a huge impact on someone’s life. Person-to-person mentoring is a hands-on way to learn new talents with the help of someone who has already proven to be successful in that arena. Don’t be stingy with all that awesomeness; share with other women and help them achieve their dreams.

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