5 New Ways to Arrange Fresh Flowers (Because Vases Are So 2017)

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Forever Rose flowers in various glass bottles jars
Photo: Courtesy of Forever Rose

If you’re well into your 20s – or even your 30s – and still loyal to all things Disney, you’ve undoubtedly swooned over the glass dome-encased fresh roses on your Instagram feed. Hand-crafted and visually stunning, they promise to last a whopping three years without water or sunlight and are just one of the many luxurious offerings by Forever Rose, which has created a niche for itself by sourcing roses derived from the mineral-rich volcanic soils of Ecuador.

Offering its ‘Forever Roses’ in everything from golden-framed glass pyramids and vintage books to wooden frames and black birdcages, the London-born flower boutique has mastered the art of downright-unique floral displays. Here, Savoir Flair taps founder Ebraheem Al Samadi for five tips on how to get creative with arranging flowers at home. They’re easier than you think – and there isn’t a vase in sight.


Built-In Blooms

“There are some really cool fixtures that I’ve had my eye on lately, and one in particular is in-built with side tables or consoles in the house. The idea is to have small holes where you can slip in a test tube and actually have your rose or flowers coming out of your furniture. The best part is that you can change the water very easily, and it really becomes a rather complementary, quirky, and unexpected embellishment to the furniture in your home.”

flowers arranged in test tubes
Photo: Courtesy of Etsy

Anything Goes

“Another lovely way to display flowers is by using your recycled condiment or mason jars. Clean them out, remove the labels with hot soapy water, arrange them in different heights and sizes, and fill them with different varieties of flowers. They’ll look gorgeous on your dining table, in your breakfast nook, or on your outdoor dining table when the weather is cooler.”

flowers in mason jars
Photo: Courtesy of Etsy

Scentsible Solutions

“Another fantastic technique is to reuse your old perfume bottles as vases – I love this look as it’s so shabby-chic and pretty. Arrange these bottles amongst your current perfume collection to create a really luxurious look in the bathroom or on your bedroom vanity table. You’ll be able to recycle all those beautiful perfume bottles that you can’t bring yourself to throw out!”

Photo: Courtesy of A Pair and a Spare

More for Less

“Using a large glass jug as a vase for your bouquet is another really quaint technique for displaying flowers. If you opt for hydrangeas, you can actually dry them out without getting any bacteria on them and, when arranged in an oversized glass jug, they will give your house a very rustic look. What I love about dried hydrangeas is that they will literally survive in your house for a year before deteriorating. It’s a very attractive and cost-effective addition to your favorite spaces at home.”

dried hydrangea home decor
Photo: Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Time for Tea

“Teacups are also cute little vessels to display flowers in the sitting room, library, or living areas. Whether you use antique teacups or something more modern, you can instantly create a springtime look within the home by slipping in a small posy of colorful blooms, reminiscent of an English garden party. In the same way that you mix up the sizes of your mason jars, do this with a few different teacups to add some interest and variety to your DIY arrangement. Old teapots are also a very pretty way to display a fresh pop of your favourite botanicals.”

teacup pink flower arrangement
Photo: Courtesy of Craftberry Bush
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