6 Things You (Almost Definitely) Didn’t Know About Instagram

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As one of the fastest growing digital platforms, Instagram garners as many as 400 million users daily. However, with Instagram’s popularity reaching a fever pitch in the MENA region, the photo- and video-sharing application now has 63 million users in our part of the world, which accounts for nearly ten percent of the 600 million active users worldwide each month.

At the forefront of image-sharing technology, Instagram has been rapidly developing its services – like Face Filters and Instagram Stories – to compete with other social-media applications. Below, you’ll find six facts about Instagram that we’re quite willing to bet you didn’t know before.


A Strong Start

Instagram was started by co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010. On the first day of launch, October 6, 25,000 people signed up.


A Trend Incubator

Many trends are born (and raised) on Instagram. If you’ve been hearing about bullet journaling a lot lately or have been spotting beautiful pink garden walls, look no further than #studygram and #plantsonpink, respectively, for the origin of these trends.


Collector's Items

One of Instagram’s most frequently overlooked features is the Save Collections service, which allows users to organize saved posts into collections. This is an amazing tool for anyone conducting photo research as you can “collect” photos into personal mood boards. Collections are private, meaning only you can see them.

This handy feature is a means to track beauty trends, plan a trip, put together a spiel of hilarious animal videos for when you’re feeling down, or simply organize posts that you want to remember. In order to add a photo to your collections, simply hit the tag icon beneath the photo. This will create a pop-up notification that says “Save to Collection”. Click on that and name your collection – it works very similarly to Pinterest. In order to access your collections, go to your profile and click the tag icon along the top row of your photos.


Insta-Stories Updates

Instagram encourages creativity with the introduction of the eraser brush in Stories, which allows you to erase things that you’ve drawn or remove color. To get the most out of the eraser brush, pick a photo you would like to post to Stories, and then select the drawing brush. Hold the drawing brush tool down in order to flood your screen with your chosen color, then select the eraser brush to creatively erase sections of the story, thereby creating a unique screenscape. The photo below supplies a visual of the eraser brush in action.

Eraser Brush via Instagram
Photo: Courtesy of Instagram

A League of Their Own

With users like Beyoncé and Selena Gomez boasting hundreds of millions of followers, there are some celebrity accounts that are truly in a league of their own. For example, Beyoncé’s pregnancy- and birth-announcement photos are the first and second most-liked photos in the history of Instagram, respectively. Meanwhile, Selena Gomez holds the next highest honor with a post of herself sipping a Coke, which garnered 6.7 million likes.

Beauty guru Huda Kattan sits atop the list of the UAE’s biggest Instagram accounts with 20.4 million followers, followed by Sheikh Hamdan with 5.5 million.

Beyonce birth photos
Photos: Courtesy of @Beyonce

Story Navigation

When viewing Instagram Stories, a tap on the screen will send you to the next story. However, if a stray finger sends you forward before you have finished viewing the Story, you can tap the left side of the screen to go back. Furthermore, if you hold a finger on the Story, it will “pause”, allowing you a closer look at the photo or the ability to read text-heavy images. Simply lift your finger to start the story again.

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