We’ve Done It – We’ve Found the Prettiest Desserts in Dubai

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Rose & Saffron cheesecake milkbar dubai
Photo: Courtesy of @Milkbar.ae

Too pretty to eat, too delicious not to – that’s how you’d describe the decadent creations by Milkbar in a nutshell. The new dessert pop-up shop first caught our attention on Instagram when a lucky scroll led to a seemingly endless feed of sweet treats topped with some of the prettiest ingredients out there – think: rose petals, crushed pistachios, berries, macarons, sprinkles, and pomegranate seeds. Even better? Each cake tastes as good as it looks. Here, we reveal five reasons why Milkbar is Savoir Flair’s new go-to for all things sweet.


The Backstory

The home-based dessert shop was founded by two sisters whose creativity is nothing short of impressive – Hamda is an interior designer with experience in food photography, while Hanan is a freelance graphic designer. But their story doesn’t start with your typical we-watched-our-mother-bake anecdote.

“I used to explore the kitchen since I was too little to even reach the upper shelves, but I got back into it seriously about five years ago, when I started exploring different recipes and ingredients to perfect the taste and shape of a cake – just as I would with a design project. It was very interesting to see just how much we could create in a home kitchen; it’s like our own dessert design studio,” says Hamda.

Milkbar creations are the result of a truly artistic approach influenced by art school, endless trial and error, and meticulous research into different flavors, designs, and details. And it shows.


Those Gorgeously Girly Cakes

It’s obvious to the naked eye that Milkbar’s cakes are as Insta-worthy as it gets, but we can also vouch for the fact that they’re downright delicious, courtesy of unique flavor combinations and the highest-quality ingredients. While there’s a fixed menu in place, the cakes and other desserts can be tweaked to accommodate a customer’s wishes.

The signature ‘Cereal Killer’ cake, for example, was given a rose-flavored twist upon request. A cake’s design can also be adapted to reflect its recipient – less edible flowers for a man, more sprinkles for a child. Other flavors worth trying? The ‘Chocolate Hazelnut Blast’ and ‘Pistachio Milkcake’ are practically cult favorites already.


Just-As-Enticing Extras

If the likes of cookies and brownies are more your speed, Milkbar has got you covered. Start with the ‘Ultimate Nutella’ or ‘Double Trouble’ cookies if you’re a raging chocoholic – and proud of it. For something a little more experimental, opt for the ‘Marie Antoinette’ flavor; caramel paired with white chocolate and nuts works surprisingly well. There’s even a cookie take on the signature ‘Cereal Killer’ cake that combines corn flakes with marshmallows.


Seasonal Eats and Cheat-Friendly Treats

In a city where virtually every fruit and vegetable is accessible to us throughout the year, we love the fact that the menu at Milkbar features seasonal items. Summer specials include fruit-punch trifle with mango filling, ‘Tiramisu Ice Cream’ cake, ‘Rose Muhallabeyah’ cake, and mini pavlova with berries and mango.

Watching your waistline? The everyday menu boasts an array of sugar-free ‘Bliss Balls’ made with healthy and wholesome ingredients such as almond butter, organic dates, matcha, oats, and more – sweet-tooth satiation guaranteed.


healthy snack bliss balls milkbar dubai
Photo: Courtesy of @Milkbar.ae

A Taste of Tradition

Eager to introduce people to the UAE’s culinary culture, the duo behind Milkbar has gone to great lengths to ensure that traditional Emirati flavors feature heavily on the menu. The ‘Gooey Dates’ is a date-pudding cake made using the finest Emirati khalas dates, topped with rangeena bites, filled with a light mascarpone cream, and drizzled with Milkbar’s very own toffee sauce. Bonus? You can also order a miniature version of this cake.

date pudding cake milkbar dubai
Photo: Courtesy of @Milkbar.ae

To place an order, call or WhatsApp (+971) 55 774 4441.

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